porsche production in crisis due to the gurra

Porsche interrompe la produzione di alcuni modelli a causa del conflitto in Ucraina thumbnail

Porsche is forced to temporarily stop production of his Taycan sports car which takes place at the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen plant due to the lack of components due to the war in Ukraine. A spokesperson for the Volkswagen subsidiary announced Tuesday evening that production would be suspended from Wednesday afternoon until the end of next week. At the Porsche plant in Leipzig (where the Mecan and Panamera are built) production will resume next week with reduced operations as the supply situation has improved. “Over the next few days and weeks we will drive on sight and continuously evaluate the situation”.

According to local media, there is a particular lack of wiring parts, most of which are manufactured in in Ukraine. Suppliers of the German brand located in the conflict zones were forced to suspend work to protect their employees.

Porsche production

“The degree of impact on our business activities is continuously determined by experts in a task force,” said the Porsche spokesperson. Production of the 911 and 718 series at the main plant is not currently affected. “Porsche looks at the armed conflict in Ukraine with great concern and dismay. We continue to hope that hostilities will end quickly and that diplomacy will return ”.

Production stoppage: Porsche is not alone

Due to supply difficulties, BMW said production in Germany and other European countries would be stopped. Volkswagen also warned that production at its Wolfsburg plant may have to be suspended in the week of March 14 as the supply chain crisis intensifies.

Despite all the problems they face, virtually all major car manufacturers have offered practical help to Ukraine: The Volkswagen group, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Stellantis have donated 1 million euros to Ukrainian relief efforts last week and the same amount was also donated by Nissan. Ford donated $ 100,000 while General Motors went further by donating $ 250,000. All of these brands along with Honda, Toyota and Volvo have stopped exports to Russia, closed operations in the region, or both.

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