Renault Austral the French brand is back by force in the C segment

La Renault Austral è ufficiale: trazione integrale e motorizzazione ibrida thumbnail

There were times when Renault was a leader in the C segment, albeit a long time ago. But things are about to change with the new Renault Austral which is destined to regain the market shares lost in recent times. This is a key model of the brand: will replace the Kadjar and the Koleos, while the derivatives that will be proposed later will replace some other models such as the Espace or the Talisman.

The French carmaker literally speaks of a “recovery” of the C segment, considered the heart of the automotive market. Austral will follow the launch of the Arkana and Mégane E-Tech models and, thanks to the “New Wave” strategy, intends to apply for the position of leader in the fields of technology, clean energy and services.

Austral is the first Renault to be built entirely on the new platform of the CMF alliance-CD (ready for Nissan Qashqai and larger X-Trail cars) with raised lower edge of side windows for added occupant protection.

Renault Austral trunk

With a length of 4.51m, it will be about 2cm longer than the Kadjar, which it replaces. The wheelbase is therefore 2.67 m, which is about two centimeters more when compared to the Kadjar: this should benefit the interior space for the occupants, while certainly there is that the trunk volume has also increased. With a fixed rear bench, the car offers a trunk with a capacity of up to 500 liters, with sliding rear seats up to 575 liters. And after folding the rear backrests, the trunk volume rises to 1,525 liters.

Renault Austral, seductive colors and elegant design

Nowadays, the so-called “light signature” plays a key role, because it allows you to first see the headlights of a particular car that precedes us or comes towards us. A total of 7 diode modules, which can regulate the light distribution, will ensure compliance with the motto “see and be seen“. This intelligent lighting will be offered in three variants: LED Pure Vision, LED Adaptive Vision e LED Matrix Vision with dynamic direction indicators.

The taillights are C-shaped and, together with the Renault logo, create an elongated and extended light signature on both sides of the trunk. At first glance they can be identified even at night thanks to the so-called micro-optic technology, already used in the new Megan E-Tech.

Renault Austral 2Renault Austral Esprit Alpine

Austral will be available in seven elegant body colors: two Glacier or Nacré whites, Flamme red, Iron blue, Etoilé black and, last but not least, Schiste gray. The top version “Esprit Alpine”, it will be available in the exclusive Schiste Satin color, which emphasizes the overall proportions of the car.

At Renault, however, they have also thought about practicality, so the new generation of these matt paints will also be well maintained. There will be a choice between different models of alloy wheels with predominantly diamond motifs, in sizes from 17 to 20 inches, in the center of which the brand’s brushed aluminum logo will be set.

Great displays and a “lively atmosphere”

The dominant feature of the interior is the display OpenR Link, already seen in the Megan E-Tech. The widescreen digital instrument cluster gradually switches to the center console, creating an inverted L shape and offering a very generous viewing area of ​​nearly one square meter. The two main displays are 12 inches, followed by a transparent display, the so-called head-up, with a diagonal of 9 inches. The system is based on Google Android, so it offers Google Maps and other popular applications.


The cabin offers ambient lighting that adapts to the driver’s biorhythm, so it can change every 30 minutes according to the external light and automatically adjust the color. The smooth transitions are then complemented by dynamic effects to liven up the atmosphere.

Under the hood

Renault Austral will also be offered in a version with all-wheel drive: what is the advantage? The system can rotate the rear wheels up to 5 degrees in relation to the direction of travel at speeds of up to 50 km / hwhich greatly helps overall maneuverability, for example in the city.

At the debut they will appear the 1.3 TCe engines with powers of 140 and 160 HP respectively. The “weaker” version will be available with both manual and automatic transmission, while the more powerful version will be offered only with automatic transmission. In both cases, the internal combustion engine is paired with a 12V microhybrid system, as in the Arkana or Captur models.


Another variant will be a 1.2 TCe engine with a power of 130 hp and 230 Nm. In this case the internal combustion engine will be assisted yes a mild hybrid yes 48Vbut a new generation E-Tech hybrid will also be available for the 1.2 TCe engine, which will increase overall power to 160 and 200 hp respectively. This engine, in addition to high performance, should also provide extremely low fuel consumption of 4.6 l / 100 km and, as in the case of the E-Tech propulsion of Clia, Captur or Arkana, it should bring the feeling of driving an electric car.

For its new Austral, Renault Austral has decided not to offer any diesel engine, but neither, for the moment, 100%.

It is interesting to note that the automatic transmission is not represented by a double-clutch EDC box, but by a modernized CVT called X-Tronic, i.e. with variator. An updated version of the two-clutch EDC will be added later.

Renault Austral, safe driving with 32 assistants

The new Austral offers a total of 32 driver assistants, but in all cases there are still innovative elements of passive safety. The model is equipped with, among other things, a 360-degree 3D camera system. which allow a panoramic view from all sides.

The Full Automatic Parking function improves the existing parking system, fully automating this maneuver. All you have to do is press the accelerator pedal. The system can park longitudinally, transversely and vertically, and the driver just has to watch, without touching the steering wheel or brake.

parking area

The new ELKA system (blind spot monitoring and lane departure prevention) supports active safety. The technology now combines data from the front camera and side sensors, so the system is much more efficient and can further reduce the risk of front or side collisions.

Of course, other systems are proposed, such as automatic emergency braking, warning of an approaching vehicle when reversing and also a safe exit system from the vehiclewhich warns us of the arrival of an approaching vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian or cyclist.

The new Austral is technically becoming the new flagship of the French car manufacturer and will also be offered in the body variant in the future SUV Coupe and 7-post SUV (space type).

Compared to Kadjar, the new Austral represents such a qualitative and technical leap forward that it certainly deserves a new name. Orders will begin in the second half of 2022 and the sale of the car will begin at the turn of 2022/23.