macOS Monterey creates problems on older MacBooks

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macOS Monterey, released last week as the latest version of macOS, stands blocking some MacBook computers older, making them unusable and unable even to ignite. Some users have reported the problem on various forums and social media, awaiting a response from Apple.

macOS Monterey creates problems on some older MacBooks

If this sounds oddly familiar, it could be because last year, with the launch of macOS Big Sur, similar reports have emerged on that update that freezing older MacBook Pro models. Now those problems are bothering you again some MacBooks.

There are at least one on Apple Support Communities dozens of user posts who complained about the matter. Some of them revealed that while they were trying to upgrade their Mac to macOS Monterey, it PC screen has gone completely black and they have not been able to turn it on anymore. One post in particular includes several user comments that reveal they have had similar problems. There are also various reports on Twitter.

A user on Reddit shared his experience, saying that the macOS Monterey update blocked his 2017 iMac, claiming that it “is simply dead”.

One possible solution proposed on Apple’s support communities is that users may need to brighten O restore the firmware of their Mac. “In very rare circumstances, such as a power outage during a macOS update or upgrade, a Mac can become unresponsive and therefore the firmware must be revived or reset,” Apple says in a support document.

All user reports suggest that the problem is impacting older MacBook Pro models, Mac mini e iMac. Newer computers, such as Apple silicon, they don’t seem to have any problems.

Apple is currently testing macOS 12.1 but it shouldn’t be released for at least several weeks. macOS Monterey is still in its first version so it is possible that Apple may soon release an update that can fix the system.