Mafia: new game in the pipeline, announces developer Hangar 13

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A new project is in the works, indeed, in Hangar 13: the development team announces a new game in the universe of the videogame Mafia

“Straight ahead, it is rumored that / the guns have made a bang”, sang Max Pezzali, but this time the rumors turned out to be true: yes, the development team Hangar 13 confirmed that a new game in the Mafia series is in the works. In a post dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the series, general manager Roman Hladik has unbuttoned the future of the franchise… but not that much. The title is in fact “a few years away”, and the developers cannot “show anything else at the moment”. Despite that, the studio is “thrilled to be working on a much-loved saga, entertaining players with new stories.”

The only Mafia we like, the one from the new Hangar 13 game

The chatter regarding the Mafia series is not new to us, and the rumors about the game last May have put together some sporadic details on the Hangar 13 project. In this case, it would be a prequel developed with Unreal Engine 5. The tam tam then saw Nick Baker allude to a story set at the turn of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the last century (with Don Salieri as the protagonist). Instead of being an open world experience like Mafia 3, however, the title in the works should be linear like the first two chapters. We leave you at post.

Although the wait promises very long, the development team is certainly not sitting idle. On the contrary, in addition to a Top Spin 5 at the center of other rumors, the developers are also giving their support for the next-gen title Marvel’s Midnight Suns. As for the videogame transposition of the underworld, it is possible that in the long run we will also see a fifth episode, but the plans are not entirely clear. For now, expect to see Mafia 4 (or whatever the game’s official title is) over the next few years. Currently, the first chapter of the series is free on Steam… If you hurry!

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