Magic the Gathering: Strade di Nuova Capenna expansion available

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In a press release, Wizards of the Coast announced that the new expansion of Magic the Gathering, Strade di Nuova Capenna, is officially available

Magic: The Gathering is probably the best known trading card game in the world along with Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon. In the past few hours, Wizards of the Coast announced Strade di Nuova Capenna, the latest set of the collectible card game set in the Art Deco-style Noir metropolis of Nuova Capenna. The set centers on five crime families vying for control of the city. Strade di Nuova Capenna contains 281 cards and is already available on MTG Arena and in printed format. Nuova Capenna is a city built by angels and ruled by demons who, behind its extravagant parties and its classy citizens, hides a black soul.

Five conniving groups fight for control of the supply of “Halo,” a very rare and sought-after resource for its material beauty and magic-enhancing abilities. While, however, an even greater threat is feared in Nuova Capenna, it’s up to Planeswalkers Vivien and Elspeth to prevent family conflict from escalating into a universal war. Streets of New Capenna will be available in regular expansion packs, draft packs, theme packs, collector boosters, bundles, faction splits and player-chosen crime family Commander decks. On the occasion of the launch of the new expansion, a beautiful dedicated trailer was also released. We leave it for you below.

Strade di Nuova Capenna is the new expansion of Magic: The Gathering, let’s discover together all the crime families of the city

Players will be able to decide which of the three-color crime families they wish to join, each led by a boss and featuring a unique mechanic:

  • The Obscura: skilled spellcasters who use their abilities to deceive, using the art of illusion and orchestrating scenarios to manipulate and blackmail their opponents. Mechanics: Plot.
  • I Maestro: Vampires of yesteryear and connoisseurs of art, the Maestro are ruthless killers who hide within an elite, determined to preserve the culture of the Old Capenna. Mechanics: Collateral damage.
  • I Riveters: Riveters’ unrivaled craft skills rely on brute force to get their job done and are true masters of intimidation and destruction. Mechanics: Blitz.
  • I Cabaretti: a group of druids known for organizing the most lavish festivals in New Capenna, but their power over the masses extends far beyond the luxurious ballrooms. Mechanics: Alliance.
  • The Intermediaries: They seem to be dealing with trivial legal matters and property disputes, in reality these questionable attorneys secretly follow a grim doomsday prophecy. Mechanics: Shield Token.

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