Maneater: the title also arrives on Nintendo Switch, Steam and Xbox Game Pass

Tripwire Interactive has finally announced that Maneater is now also available on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass

Maneater is a Single player and open world action RPG where the players will impersonate one shark. Starting out as a little puppy of bull shark, you will be tasked with surviving the harsh world as you make your way to the ecosystem. To do this, you will explore a vast and varied open world by encountering different enemies both human and animal. By finding the right resources you can also grow and evolve far beyond what nature intended, allowing the player to adapt the shark to their style of play.

The title was released now over a year ago, but from today it will be playable on three new platforms. Tripwire Interactive in fact he just announced that Maneater is finally also available on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass.

Maneater lands on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft’s Game Pass

Tripwire Interactive announced that Maneater, the award-winning RPG where you play as a ravenous shark, was launched today for three new platforms. For the first time in fact it is up Steam e Nintendo Switch in version both digital and physical thanks to Deep Silver. Maneater is also also available on Xbox Game Pass for members on PC and Xbox, for six months from now. Players can finally eat, explore and evolve to the top of the food chain on all major gaming platforms. Below you will find some of the main features by Maneater:

  • Eat yourself
    • Feed on humans, consume nutrients and find rare loot to evolve beyond what nature intended.
  • Explore the Gulf
    • Explore seven major regions, including Gulf Coast bays, resort beaches, industrial docks, the open ocean, and more. Experience a world with a full day / night cycle.
  • Become a legend
    • Unlock and equip various evolutions that upgrade and enhance your shark as you advance through the campaign.
  • Unique story
    • Play through a complete campaign based on a story told by Chris Parnell and set during a reality TV show.
  • Varied and addicting combat
    • Battle wild animals, including other predators, or fight various types of human hunters, from city drunks to the Coast Guard.
  • Tiger Shark Evolution Now Available
    • The tiger shark is often called the “waste disposal of the sea”. Appropriately enough, this evolution will allow you to digest almost anything, increasing your ability to obtain vital nutrients from all varieties of prey.

Maneater: the title also arrives on Nintendo Switch, Steam and Xbox Game Pass

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