Trust: here are the accessories designed for Ps5

Trust, a leading company in the sector of digital gaming accessories, expands its range dedicated to PS5 by launching new peripherals designed for the console

Trust has redesigned the GXT 323W Carus headphones by making them perfectly compatible with PS5 both in functionality and in aesthetics. In terms of design, in fact, the new version in white in line with the new generation of consoles makes the product even more captivating. From the point of view of functionality, however, to their quality sound, guaranteed by ample driver da 50 mm for deep and penetrating bass.

Trust: here are the accessories designed for Ps5

For full cooperative play sessions, the Carus are equipped with a flexible microphone, whose controls are conveniently adjustable from the outside of the over-ear pavilion along with the volume controls. The GXT 323W Carus also ensure maximum comfort thanks to the adjustable headband and mesh pavilionsand, always fresh even after many hours of play.

PS5 Fyru streaming microphone

In the context of the increasingly popular trend of streaming, the latest generation top-of-the-line microphone GXT 258W Fyru represents a 4-in-1 solution ideal for any streamer. It is capable of capturing every nuance of sound with exceptional quality in any context: solo live streaming, recording (cardioid, bidirectional, stereo and omnidirectional) for superior performance, a crystal clear pop filter, and a zero-latency headphone monitor port for perfecting PS5-like recordings, while retaining the durable metal base frame with LED lights adjustable in 5 colors, to customize the style of your workstation.

Trust: here are the accessories designed for Ps5

Duo charge Dock charging station

The new GXT 254 duo charge charging station is a very useful accessory that completes the PS5 line of coordinated Trust products. Available from August, it allows you to recharge, without converters, two controllers at a time, ensuring non-stop individual or partner gaming sessions. Compared to the GXT 251 dock for PS5, this station features a vertical design; and allows you to keep the pads always at hand while taking up less space. The charging dock is powered via USB through the PS5’s port as well has LED lights to indicate the charging status and connection of controllers.

Trust: here are the accessories designed for Ps5

Trust gaming: prices and availability

Trust Gaming products are available at the best physical and digital stores and on the company’s Amazon shop. The GXT 323W Carus gaming headset and the GXT 258W Fyru streaming microphone are already available for purchase at the respective price of 39.99 euros and 139.99 euros. While the GXT 254 Dock charging station will be available from August to 19.99 euros.

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