Mario Golf Super Rush: Added an NES themed costume

Mario Golf: Super Rush represented one of the most loved games by sports title fans in 2021 and today there is a novelty, namely an NES themed costume

Mario Golf: Super Rush is one of the most recent sports titles ofmost famous plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom and, as in many other chapters of the Nintendo mustache, there is no shortage of quotes from the good old days on the NES. But let’s go ahead with some order.

Mario Golf Super Rush: let’s take a step back in time

By Mario Golf: Super Rush we have already talked about it quite thoroughly (here is our review), but like many other latest generation games concerning the adventures of the legendary plumber, also in this case what cannot be missing are the costumes ed i various updates to make the game experience even more colorful, personalized and full of quotes.

As already seen in other now iconic chapters, such as Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, here too there will be another dive into retrogaming. The players will therefore be able challenge each other on the green wearing a swimsuit coming directly from the NES Open Tournament Golf title released more than 30 years ago.

To get such a costume all you have to do is get an A in the standings in one of the different categories and with only three-hole matches, you will be able to get points much faster. So you won’t need to spend too many pad hours on hand to do a small trip into the world of 8 and 16 bits. In this regard, we advise you not to miss the chapter released for Nintendo 64!

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