Dying Light 2: The game will take 500 hours to complete

In February Dying Light 2 will be released for the new consoles, and it seems that the actual duration of the game to be completed is much longer than you might expect.

Among the various releases expected over the next few months, 2022 promises to be a year with a rather significant number of titles. Leaving aside January, the month in which you will still have the opportunity to return to play your backlog pending the arrival of Pokémon Legends Arceus, February already appears as a harnessed period of video games: Besides the arrival of the highly anticipated Elden Ring, there are also the two important PlayStation exclusives, Horizon Forbidden West and Sifu.

In addition, other major cross-platforms will also show up in that month, including Dying Light 2. Speaking of which, the Techland development team has continued to fairly steadily release several video diaries and insights into the game world and of the characters, e the work in question seems more than ready for his arrival. But the revelations from the developers themselves this time scare some fans: in fact, it seems that Dying Light 2 will have an overall game duration almost prohibitive to be fully completed.

Dying Light 2 and the actual duration of the game

The first game in the Dying Light series, released in 2015, was largely welcomed. The brutal, frenetic and entertaining gameplay for the various methodologies with which to go to massacre the various enemies turned out to be one of the parts that convinced the public the most, while the story didn’t get the same kind of acclamation. It was structured for a duration of almost twenty hours, while the title would have allowed to accumulate more or less sixty hours of play. For its sequel, Techland has immediately shown the intent of wanting to aspire to something much bigger in every aspect of the title, and probably that was also the main cause that led it to postpone the game several times.

And perhaps now it is appropriate to say that the situation may have gotten slightly out of hand, at least by considering the recent news given through the official Twitter account. Apparently, in order to 100% complete Dying Light 2 the title could reach a duration of at least 500 hours of play, the same time it would take to walk from Warsaw to Madrid (534 hours). However, Techland wanted to clarify this, stating that all these hours to reach 100% must be spent doing literally everything. Completing the main story and side quests, on the other hand, would take less than 100 hours. In any case, these statements certainly do not go to give relief to the most hardened completists.

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