NEFF advice for a Christmas full of joy and conviviality thanks to its appliances

I consigli di NEFF per un Natale pieno di gioia e convivialità grazie ai suoi elettrodomestici thumbnail

Natalefor many, means spending time with those you love even in the kitchen and NEFFEuropean leader for built-in appliances for 145 years, he has wanted to celebrate it by dispensing some advice for holidays full of joy and conviviality.

This Christmas, do only what’s right with NEFF appliances

NEFF, for this Christmas 2022, has numerous tips in store for all those who want to enjoy this particular time of the year to the fullest, unleashing creativity in the kitchen.

The right inspirations

In the kitchen, inspiration is essential, which is why NEFF provides users with two important tools:

  • The Ingredienta portal created for the NEFF community offering a social hub dedicated to ingredients, advice, stories and recipes.
  • Il NEFF’s Pinterest channeli.e. an always updated moodboard to refer to to get the right inspiration.

The right allies

The NEFF appliances they are the allies you need, for a Christmas that is not only festive, but also tasty with superfine dishes and menus worthy of a chef.

For instance, Slide&Hide® is the iconic built-in oven with the exclusive disappearing door, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. In addition, among the numerous innovations of NEFF ovens, we find:

  • the Sous Vide functionwhere the combined effect of temperature and steam allows the dishes stored in vacuum bags or containers to be wrapped evenly;
  • CircoTherm®, the system that allows simultaneous cooking on several levels with perfect results.

Lastly, we cannot ignore the cellar wine built-in NEFF 30 cm wide, featuring a refined design, an elegant control panel, bamboo shelves and a controlled temperature zone that can be adjusted according to the type of bottle.

The right soundtrack

Il NEFF’s Spotify channel is full of playlists designed for every moment of the day and for all occasions. In particular, eight playlists were created by Alessio Bertallotmusician, author, radio host and DJ, who also lends his voice for the 6 episodes of the podcast NEFF Sounds Good.

Ready to experience a Christmas in full NEFF style?

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