Mario Kart Live Home Circuit: news coming soon

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit has recently been the subject of an update by Nintendo which has decided to make racing even more competitive and crazy by seasoning everything with many extras

The title Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, with this new update, has therefore officially arrived at the version 2.0. Will it be better or worse than the previous one? Well, to find out we just have to press on the gas pedal and continue with the reading then go!

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit: Nintendo update details

The Big N has therefore decided to enrich the gaming experience of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit providing fans with a new multiplayer mode with split screen. In this way, only one Nintendo Switch will be enough for two players to control two different vehicles while before each of these needed its console.

Also the Relay race mode where, from two to four players, will be able to compete in a cooperative way. In addition to this, however, the Relay Race which is a bit more particular. Here, players will use a single vehicle and take part in an eight-lap race.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit: news coming soon

The Luigi Cup which also brings with it the possibility of unlocking points on the route itself. Inside, paths such as Windmill Meadows, Music Broadway e King Boo’s Courtyard. In honor of Luigi’s Mansion, his vehicle in the shape of was also added Poltergust! At last, but not least is the addition of a new one Mario Cup at the Grand Prix mode, with three new routes and a new one respectively Super Yoshi vehicle. Not a bad offer, right?

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