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Mario Kart X: new chapter coming?

It is impossible not to know this series, both among Nintendo fans and among those of racing games, which could reach the new chapter Mario Kart X according to a rumor

The rumor according to which, the our moustached plumber & associates next racing game it should be called Mario Kart X comes from the Nintendo insider Zippo. The user has in fact confirmed that, according to the internal nomenclature of the Grande N, the Home Circuit chapter already represents the ninth chapter and therefore space for the ten! But let’s go ahead with some order.

Mario Kart X: between racing and crossovers

According to reports from ZippoMario Kart X will not be called so only because it should be the tenth chapter, but also because it will be there some crossover with the characters, objects and paths of the previous chapters (perhaps like the one for Nintendo 64 or the Double Dash for GameCube) to make players take a dip in the past. Obviously it will not be a chapter dedicated to retrogaming, but a curious shuffling of the cards obviously in mariesca sauce and on four wheels!

Mario Kart X: new chapter coming?

Zippo then stated that the game has been in development for at least four years, however, despite this, the title may not be available soon. Indeed, it seems that it will be kept as an ace in the hole for the Nintendo Switch 2 launch which, very theoretically, should come out in 2024. Obviously, as you have well understood, it is always unofficial information so take it with a grain of salt even if it must be said that Zippo seems to be among the most reliable insiders of the Great N.

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