Suzuki GSX-S125 now available for just over 4 thousand euros

Suzuki aggiorna la naked GSX-R 125 e la rende Euro 5 thumbnail

Like the fully enclosed GSX-R 125 sibling model, Suzuki has updated its naked GSX-S 125 for the 2022 model. First and foremost, the Japanese manufacturer has approved it to the Euro 5 standard. Nothing changes in terms of power and torque. : remains at 15 hp and a maximum torque of 11.5 Nm.

The only design change is similar to the GSX-R 125: the naked screen is now divided into two parts. The color of the front is in the same color as the decoration, the back is always black.

New for the 2022 season are also the three color variations. The Baltimore Blue pays homage to the tradition of Suzuki road sports cars, while the Nero Detroit, juxtaposed with blue wheels, it instead evokes sophisticated urban atmospheres. The Seattle White, with red circles, it represents the more unconventional choice.

Suzuki GSX-S125 Blu Baltimora

According to Suzuki, the GSX-S125 is the model with the lowest seat and shortest wheelbase among the sporty 125 road bikes. This feature also makes it ideal for moving easily in city traffic, as it allows any driver to place their feet firmly on the ground. This is also thanks to a steering of 40 degrees. All this is also facilitated by an upright driving position, which guarantees comfort and absolute mastery at the same time.

Suzuki GSX-S125 now available for just over 4 thousand euros

Slender and streamlined superstructures make the GSX-S125 line snappy also thanks to the new windshield with superimposed LED lights. Inside the fairing Suzuki has not skimped on the LCD digital instrumentation, which includes a useful on-board computer and is flanked by a large series of warning lights that allow the rider to always drive in conditions of maximum safety and control.

gsx s125 nero detroit 2022 rightSuzuki GSX-S125 Nero Detroit

Among the components that stand out in the chassis are the daisy brake discs combined with a system Latest generation Bosch ABS weighing just 590 grams. Both wheels are 17-inch and feature tires developed in collaboration with Dunlop to ensure maximum straight-line stability and exemplary cornering behavior.

La Suzuki GSX-S125 it can already be ordered both on Suzuki e-commerce through the Suzuki Smart Buy platform and in the Suzuki dealer network at a price of 4.290 Euro (VAT included, ex-dealer) and the first deliveries are scheduled for the month of June.