Marvel’s Avengers: arriva She-Hulk?

A new leak appeared on Twitter may have anticipated the arrival of She-Hulk on the Marvel’s Avengers roster

The inclusion of Spider-Man within the playable characters of Marvel’s Avengers (at least for PlayStation console owners), it seemed to have brought down the curtain on the additions planned for the title Crystal Dynamics e Square Enix, as this was the last update planned and communicated for production. Although, for the moment, future plans have not yet been officially revealed, one has thought of it new leak, which has as its protagonist She-Hulk, to stir the waters.

Marvel’s Avengers may welcome She-Hulk soon

The alleged latest news, albeit unofficial at the moment, reach us by means of one of the most trusted leakers when it comes to the title Crystal Dynamics, or Miller, which had already provided numerous details in advance in the past, including the DLC dedicated to Black Panther. Within one of his latest posts, the leaker this time talked about the arrival of Jennifer Walters, better known as She-Hulk, within the game, also claiming how a dub it we will find the actress Krizia Bajos.

The Low is known for having taken part in numerous videogame productions, such as Psychonauts 2, Halo Infinite, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Wasteland 3, Cyberpunk 2077, in addition to the upcoming Gotham Knights, and it is interesting to note how she is herself share Miller’s tweet, despite having later deleted it: that it is a further clue as to the arrival of She-Hulk inside Marvel’s Avengers?

Obviously, for the confirmation we have to do is wait for the next information disseminated by Crystal Dynamics e Square Enix, and that we at will not fail to promptly report to you, therefore we can only invite you to continue following us.

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