Marvel’s Avengers: free weekend on PlayStation, PC and Stadia

Square Enix to celebrate the summer season offers all players free access to Marvel’s Avengers for the duration of a weekend. Let’s see the details

News of the last few hours, Square Enix has decided to give free access to Marvel’s Avengers for the next weekend. Players of all platforms will therefore be able to try the title with its single or multiplayer modes. The title is constantly updated. Over time they will be added new stories focused on new heroes, villains, types of missions and items. All without extra costs for i players who bought the base game.

Free weekend access to Marvel’s Avengers

Starting from the day July 29 but to 1st of August, Marvel’s Avengers it will be playable so free for the entire duration of weekend. The initiative is confirmed for all Sony, Steam and Stadia platforms. Square Enix has decided to give life to this promotional initiative not only to celebrate the season summer, but also to incentivize the use of the option that allows players to form teams online with more than one copy of the same superhero in multiplayer missions. Facilitating and speeding up the process of matchmaking. Option that debuted with last year’s Tachyon Anomaly event April.

Marvel's Avengers: free weekend on PlayStation, PC and Stadia

Square Enix specifies that this free access opportunity will also be available to users Xbox later in the next few months. Anyone who decides to take advantage of this opportunity, just has to download the title in their respective store online. Once the free trial period has expired, players who purchase the game will be able to to maintain all progress and purchases on the same platform used. The next update, remember, is the expansion War for Wakanda, coming in August. In War for Wakanda you will be able to take on the role of Black Panther and face Klaw along with the other Avengers.

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