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Marvel’s Midnight Sun: everything we know and the latest news

Unveiled about a week ago during Gamescom 2021, Marvel’s Midnight Sun is back in a six-minute long gameplay trailer, which showcased some production highlights. The game will be a real-time strategy game in which users will take on the role of the new hero “The Hunter”, who we will follow in his quest to kill Lilith, the mother of demons. By our side will be all the most beloved Marvel superheroes. there all the news on Marvel’s Midnight Sun.

Marvel’s Midnight Sun: all the news about the game

As was already clear from the teaser trailer, this new video game developed by Firaxis aims to tell an adventure with supernatural traits set in the Marvel universe and to do so has gathered all the most beloved superheroes. We obviously have the Avengers, but there are also X-Men e i Runaways, who will join forces to face the threat posed by Lilith.

The gameplay trailer in fact allows us to get a first idea of ​​how the narrative setting of the work will be set which, not even if it is done on purpose, revolves around a prophecy about the end of the world. The Midnight Sun Prophecy, hence the title, will be perpetrated by Lilith, the mother of demons, resurrected from Hydra through a mix of science and black magic.

To fight on equal terms against the devil lady, the Avengers awaken in turn a dark power, that of The Hunter, daughter of Lilith herself and the only heroine to have already defeated her in the past. We players will take on the role of this hero, who will be fully customizable from head to toe.

Our headquarters will be theAbazia, which is the place where The Hunter was buried, and this base of operations offers several interesting functions. We will be able to get to know all the heroes of the game and entertain ourselves in various secondary activities that will guarantee us exclusive bonuses when we face the demonic hordes of Lilith on the battlefield.

A tactical gameplay

From the gameplay footage we learn that each hero rises to a specific role once in combat, with skills ranging from offensive moves to support and healing moves. As if that weren’t enough, each character can perform in a final move with a high rate of spectacularity, to sow chaos among the enemy ranks without giving up a certain style.

In combat we will control a team consisting of three heroes and a certain amount of skill cards will be assigned each turn, through which it will be possible to carry out devastating combos, obviously if we know how to play them at best and at the right time.

As the software house itself explains, to be successful in battles we will have to think about an effective strategy against the enemies in front of us on the one hand and, at the same time, be able to react effectively to unexpected events which we will be able to meet during the fighting. Some heroes work better with others and finding the right combination will be crucial.

A superhero in the living room

One last noteworthy aspect of the production are precisely the game sections that take place inside the Abbey, our base of operations. Here we will be able to interact with all the heroes available and deepen our knowledge with them. It seems that our teammates will have storylines that we can follow, but at the moment it is not yet very clear how this component will develop.

Marvel's Midnight Sun news

What we do know is that each hero will have their own personal preferences and creating a strong bond with them will lead us to unlock more powerful skills to use in combat as well as new functions within the Abbey. There also seems to be some kind of crafting system, but the movie only mentions it in passing so it’s very difficult to get a precise idea in this regard.

Also in the Abbey we will be able to take care of some pets, such as the demonic dog that had already been seen in the first trailer, which in all likelihood is only one of the many creatures that will keep us company in moments of rest.

We remind you that Marvel’s Midnight Sun is expected to arrive next March for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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