Mass Effect 5: Possible teaser trailer image released for the new game

New Mass Effect 5 teaser trailer image adds to persistent rumors of a new sequel to the trilogy

Annually, BioWare celebrates what is called N7 Day, in reference to the iconic combat rank of Commander Shepard, one of the first humans to have assumed the prestigious title of Specter. This day is often the best opportunity to update fans on the status of the historic series, the release of merchandise and future projects that may be in the works. Furthermore, it is also the best time to give a little taste of something new, for example through another teaser trailer or image of Mass Effect 5, which is actually believed to be a potential sequel to the Mass Effect trilogy.

Mass Effect 5: Another trailer of the new game shown

Once the Shepard trilogy is over, so not a little controversial, BioWare and Electronic Arts had embarked on the production of a totally new title for the series, with new characters and settings, which departed from the ruin brought by the Reapers. So it was that in 2017 Mass Effect Andromeda was released, the fourth chapter that for various reasons ended with the not to be particularly appreciated by fans, even after solving some of the numerous and serious technical and graphical problems.

Despite this, during The Game Awards 2020 BioWare then showed a very first teaser Mass Effect 5 trailer, giving the impression of a new game continuation of the first three chapters of the saga, also subtly indicating the presence of Asari Liara T’Soni and the Reapers. However, it was stated that development would not begin until 2023.

In the new image released in these hours, further details are visible that could really suggest a direct continuum from Mass Effect 3: the crater and the circular shape inside are very reminiscent of an attributable shape ai Geth, the “race-network” alien from artificial minds created by the Quarians. In addition, they are observable four individuals as they leave the ship called “SFX”, which takes on a different appearance from the Normandy; among the characters, the presence of a is also more or less clearly distinguishable Krogan it’s a Salary O Turian.

In addition, the subtitle combined with the series name states how “Mass Effect will continue”. Finally, BioWare has also released several data and information regarding the choices of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the sales made and the merchandise that can be purchased by fans.

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