Master of Photography: the collaboration between Nikon and Corriere della Sera

Master di Fotografia: la collaborazione tra Nikon e Corriere della Sera

From the collaboration between Nikon and Corriere della Sera comes the Master of Photography series on newsstands from April 15, 2021

Nikon School professionals make their experience available to spread the art of photography: the Photography Master project published by Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello Sport is born.

Ninety-five photographers with their different genres and professional paths, over fifteen hundred images complete with explanations, and a great common point, that of making it clear how unique shots are born, whether they are aimed at immortalizing faces, tranche de vie or dream landscapes. Thus was born Nikon School Master of Photography, 25 volumes for a total of 3200 pages.

Master of Photography: the new editorial series created by Nikon and Corriere della Sera

A unique work, a real master that for 25 weeks will divulge the photographic experience in its purest form, from the hands-on voice of those who live on shots and use Nikon technology for passion and as a job, making the most of innovation and performance.

The series will be on newsstands every week starting from 15 April 2021 as an attachment with Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello Sport: each volume deals with a particular technical theme in over 100 pages through the works of four photographers, each of whom has chosen 15 representative images and commented on them, highlighting their genesis, technique, spirit, secrets.

From travel reportage to sports photography, from portrait to still life to aerial photography, from color in photographic composition to black and white, from post production techniques to video creation, from the choice of lenses to light management: a true own master made in full Nikon style, where every photo in addition to the technical aspects is always considered the human and emotional aspect that accompanies the shot. For each photographer a card then tells the professional path and reveals secrets and anecdotes.

Among the many famous photographers who participated in the project, here are the authors of the first three volumes: Mauro Galligani, Franco Borrelli, Iago Corazza, Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, Francesco Francia, Luigi Rota, Ivana Porta, Barbara Dall’Angelo, Mattia Ozbot, Francesco Spighi, Davide Pianezze and Saverio Lombardi Vallauri.

The graphic design and the creation of the volumes are entrusted to Studio Dispari, which collaborates with Rcs Mediagroup for many series.

The titles of the volumes on newsstands from 15 April every week:

Photographic techniques and genres 15/04/21

Light exposure and management 22/04/21

Time and shutter 29/04/21

Lens and lenses 06/05/21

ISO and environmental conditions 13/05/21

Post production and creativity 20/05/21

The colors in the composition 27/05/21

The black and white 03/06/21

Depth of field and sharpness 10/06/21

The choice of the subject 17/06/21

The syntax of the video 06/24/21

Portrait techniques 01/07/21

Photographing the human body 08/07/21

Artificial light 07/15/21

Photojournalism 07/22/21

Visual communication 07/29/21

Still life: design and construction 05/08/21

Video: storytelling e storyboard                  12/08/21

Telling the family 08/19/21

Travel reportage 08/26/21

Aerial shot 02/09/21

Micro e macrocosmo                                      09/09/21

Towards the press: the light room 09/16/21

Photo, video and social 09/23/21

Video shooting techniques 09/30/21