Mastodon's only employee is Eugen Rochko, its owner

Mastodon’s only employee is Eugen Rochko, its owner

Mastodon's only employee is Eugen Rochko, its owner thumbnail

There is a lot of talk about Mastodon in the last period, a favorite destination (with a small m) of all those Twitter exiles who really don’t want to submit to Elon Musk’s new policies. Already in December we told you how Mastodon – whose only employee is the owner himself Eugen Rochkoit passed from having 300,000 monthly users to over 2.5 million. A boom that took place between October and November 2022, in the period immediately following the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk.

In some new interviews with TechCrunch and The Financial Times, Rochko revealed some interesting dynamics of his work. Mastodon owner admitted to making money €2,400 per monthwith an increase compared to the €1,900 of the previous year.

Mastodon owner reveals his business model

Rochko explained that Mastodon declared an income of 55,300 euros in 2021, largely coming from over 600 supporters through Patreon and from a crowdfunding portal created on Stripe, which has about 20 donors. Today instead, at the dawn of this 2023, Mastodon’s Patreon page has over 9,396 supportersfor a total of approx €33,000 per month of donations alone.

At the moment Rochko admitted that he had received “major takeover offers from well-known American companies”. However, the founder of Mastodon reiterated that he has no intention at the moment of selling the company.

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