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One Piece: the advances of the chapter 1071

Weekly Shonen Jump will be released next week, after the holidays, but the spoilers of the new chapter of One Piece are already online. We tell you about them

Bartholomew Orsor comes to the base of Red Line, and it seems to be about to reenact the climb of the Old Kingdom mecha from two hundred years ago. To Egghead, a mysterious ally and an equally unknown traitor make their move. AND Garp arrives at G14, with every intention of attacking Beehive.

This and more tells us Eiichiro Oda in the first chapter of the new year of One Pieceil 1071. Due to the holidays, the new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump that contains it will not be released before next Monday (Sunday for us on MangaPlus). However, the magazine is already printed and ready for sale, and this has allowed the tables to reach the web.

As usual, Oda amazes us, and his story always generates more questions than answers. Considering that the manga will be paused for the following week, readers will have plenty of time to puzzle over it.

One Piece: the advances of the chapter 1071

The latest developments of One Piece

Why Bear chose to return to Marie Geoise just now? Is this an order from Vegapunk? Of Celestial Dragons? Or is it just a misdirection to Egghead?

The situation on the island of the future becomes more complicated: Vegapunk decides to contact a unknown ally which he is hiding from the Government, and he agrees to help without delay, but nothing about him is shown to us. Theories about the identity of this character abound, but the truth is that we have no elements to make credible hypotheses. We just know that he is wanted and strong enough to face the CP0.

Shortly after the call, the Frontier Dome’s defenses are mysteriously hacked, allowing Lucci and company access to the top of the island. The various Vegapunks have no idea what could have happened. There’s a traitor to Egghead, as well as an ally.

Finally, two quick scene changes show us other characters: Kid has reached the legendary island of Elbaf, and Garp instead arrives at the G14 meeting Hermeppo’s prayers. He promises to save Kobysimply by traveling to Beehive, the island where “Barbanera” Teach he took office.

Fans are worried about this latest development; Garp’s strength is unquestioned, but Teach’s cunning and treachery are also well known. Above all, the grandfather of Luffy he is practically alone, the navy being busy at Egghead with Kizaru. With Law’s fate still unknown, another beloved character could end up in the evil emperor’s clutches.