Mattel pluripremiata per i Toys Awards 2021

The fourth edition of the Toys Awards, organized by the B2B magazine TuttoGiocattoli in collaboration with Assogiocattoli and Toys Milano, once again saw Mattel as protagonist who obtained 6 Nominations

The categories in which Mattel she climbed to the top step of the podium are: dolls and fashion dolls, in which she triumphed Barbie Color Reveal and toys licensed with Jurassic World T-Rex Epic Roar. The initiative, aimed at enhancing the commitment of companies in the sector that have distinguished themselves in the design and implementation of marketing, communication and product activities carried out in the calendar year 2020, saw its conclusion in the award ceremony held today Tuesday May 4, 2021 in live streaming link. The jury that decreed the winners for the various categories was made up of members of GD, GDO, GDS, Normal Trade and Industry Experts.

Mattel pluripremiata per i Toys Awards 2021

The most famous fashion doll of all time and a brand currently in a phase of net growth on the Italian market collects great success during the Toys Awards 2020, fascinating the jury of experts who established the winners. Barbie Color Reveal, a great innovation in the doll sector, is the most famous and inclusive fashion doll line in the world in which the element of surprise is the protagonist, in fact, when the pack is opened, they will find themselves in front of a Barbie yet to be discovered ! They will have to fill the tube in which it is packaged with hot water, spin it and voila: the colored coating melts and only in this way will they finally discover which Barbie Color Reveal they have found. The game begins the moment the girl opens the package!

In the Licensed Toys category he excelled T-Rex Epic Roar, highlight of the Jurassic World collection, a continuously growing property that, despite the lockdown, has become an absolute reference point in the category. One of the largest and most ferocious predators of all prehistory and the saga, the T-Rex, in a faithful reproduction especially in the roar emitted by the dinosaur, made even more realistic by the movement of the head. The Epic Roar T-Rex can attack from the side and its bite is accompanied by scary sounds! Incredible playability for an “epic” toy.

The speech by Andrea Ziella, Head of Marketing of Mattel Italia

This year Barbie got off to a great start. NPD Group named it the first property on the toy market worldwide for 2020. Barbie Color Reveal is one of the lines that has undoubtedly contributed to this success, precisely by virtue of its extraordinary surprise effect and collectability that stimulates creativity. of little girls, who with the products of the Barbie Color Reveal line, can always invent new stories. Our parent company has just announced its first quarter results which have been extremely positive with a 47% increase in sales globally. At the EMEA level, we highlight for this quarter the YOY EMEA growth rate which increased by 32% in constant currency: this represents significant double-digit gains in North America and EMEA, the two most important regions for our multinational. Great results and confirmations also in Italian market. In fact, in these first 3 months we close Q1 following the market trend and growing double-digit YTD (Source The NPD Group Retail Tracking Service / IT Total Panel YTD), thus consolidating the second position in the total market and the first on the H&S channel. Barbie, also for the Italian market, has been confirmed as the first property on the market since the beginning of the year, recording positive performances that exceed those of the sector, and continues to be the most successful property in the Dolls category, growing faster than the category and doubling the value of the second property. In the Vehicle category it is the leader Hot Wheels , with a sell-out value 4 times greater than the second property. Fisher–Price its positive trend continues as of the end of 2020, recording double-digit growth in the first quarter. In the Action Figures Mattel is growing 8 times faster than the market, strongly supported by the extraordinary performance of the property Jurassic World, which is confirmed to be the fastest growing brand in the category. Barbie, through her multiple careers, different game segments and storytelling, constantly reminds girls that they can realize their passions, taking the path towards a future that better identifies them. We are proud and happy that the Toys Awards 2020 has recognized Mattel these important awards for two product lines that underline our company’s mission, which is to be a trusted partner in exploring the wonder of childhood and allowing children to develop and reach their full potential.

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