Max Payne 1-2 remake: Remedy’s “big project”.

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The remake of Max Payne 1-2 is a reality and according to creative director Sam Lake it will be an ambitious project from Remedy. Let’s see the details together

Last year, Remedy announced plans to develop it the remake of Max Payne 1-2. Finally, one step away from the release of Alan Wake 2, the software house is ready to talk about the project, promising that “the title will be in line with a AAA production typical of Remedy”. The remake will see the collaboration of the Finnish software house with Rockstar Games, owner of IP e also a developer of Max Payne 3. In fact, the latter will finance and publish the title.

Max Payne 1-2 remake: Remedy

Max Payne 1-2 remake: le parole di Sam Lake

Many don’t know what the features of Max Payne they were modeled after the developer, Sam Lake, who has since risen through the ranks to the top of Remedy Entertainment. And it was he who returned to talk about the remake of Max Payne 1-2 at VGC.

The game is a significant undertaking in the sense that although they are old games, just thinking about bringing them up to modern standards and combining them into one; you can see it’s a big, big project

The journalist then wanted to ask if the developer himself will return to the role of Max Payne, given that he will appear in Alan Wake 2 as Alex Caseya detective inspired by Payne himself.

No comment! We’re going too far now

In short, the remake of Max Payne 1-2 it is still in the early stages of its development. We know, however, that the release is scheduled for PS5, Xbox Series Let us know, as always, in the comments if you are interested in a remake of the Remedy title. For other news relating to the gaming world, all you have to do is stay tuned to To recover some games and add some games to your library, we refer you to the InstantGaming offers.

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