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Maximum audio quality: discover the new Teufel REAL BLUE PRO headphones

You can’t compromise if you want the best from an audio device

This is why Teufel’s new REAL BLUE PRO earphones combine technology, extraordinary sound and a quality audio experience, confirming themselves as the ideal choice to satisfy all needs.

Maximum audio quality: discover the new Teufel REAL BLUE PRO headphones

New REAL BLUE PRO earphones from Teufel combine technology

Thanks to driver da 44 mmit will be possible to experience a balanced sound reproductioncon crisp, detailed highs and deep, full bassideal for accompanying all summer adventures.

The Dynamore technology exclusive to Teufel – applied to headphones for the first time – expands the stereo experience by making it feel like you are hearing sound through real speakers. The result will be a unique sound experience to experience music in an authentic and engaging way.

Thanks to active noise cancellation, adjustable on three levels, it will be possible to immerse yourself completely in the music, blocking out unwanted noise and creating a relaxing atmosphere at any time and place or participate in video conferences without any problem. Those who want to perceive the surrounding environment, on the other hand, can activate the transparency mode.

With an extraordinary range of over 44 hours (without ANC up to 56 hours), you will be able to listen to your favorite music, movies, podcasts and much more, all day long without worrying about recharging them. Thanks to the quick charge function, REAL BLUE PRO also recharges in just 15 minutes for seven hours of playback.

This headset delivers a wide versatilityadapting to different situations: whether it’s traveling by train, or relaxing on the beach or simply during leisure time or at work, these over ear headphones will be the perfect travel companion.

The bearings Lightweight and comfortable memory foam earphones – interchangeable – they can be worn comfortably even for long hours without tiring the ears because they soften with body heat adhering to the ear after a short period of use.

For safe transport, Teufel also includes a robust case in which the headphones can be stored in a space-saving manner thanks to the swivel and fold mechanism.

For even more customization, the REAL BLUE PRO allow you to modulate the sound according to your preference. Through the free Teufel Headphones app, in fact, you will adjust the equalizer and you can customize the sound, choosing between different audio modes to adapt it to your favorite musical genre or to obtain a truly unique listening experience.

The REAL BLUE PROs are controlled via tactile buttons and sensitive surfaces on the earcups. When pressing the right auricle with the right hand, there is a small joystick for volume control, track skipping and play/pause. Next to it, easily reached with the thumb, is the ANC button.

With this button you can switch between the three modes of ANC and the transparency mode. Instead of blocking out external noise with a counter sound, your surroundings are amplified, as if you weren’t wearing headphones. This way you don’t miss the call in the waiting room or the platform change announcement at the station.

The new headphones REAL BLUE PRO in Teufel they are available here in color variations Night Black e Titanium Gray at the price of €349,99.

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