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Stellantis: the legendary Topolino and the FIAT 600 are back on the Lingotto track

The legendary cars: Topolino and FIAT 600, return to the Lingotto track in a completely new guise, let’s discover the news and details from Stellantis

Stellantis, the multinational automotive company, has recently announced a great novelty in the Italian automotive scene, it is the return of two iconic models from the past, the legendary “Topolino” and the Fiat 600, but in a new all-electric version. This move marks Stellantis’ commitment to promoting sustainable mobility and technological innovation. Furthermore, the company confirmed its strong link with Italy, defining it as a real pillar for the group.

As part of his commitment to Italy, Stellantis has announced a new investment in Mirafiori, historic production site, for the creation of one of the three European Green Campuses. This investment, ranging between 150 and 200 million euros, will contribute to the transformation of the area into a center of excellence for circular economy and automotive innovation. Mirafiori will also host new offices for the 10,000 engineers, technicians and designers working for Stellantis in Italy. Stellantis’ decision to bring the Topolino and the Fiat 600 back to life is a tribute to the past, but also a response to the mobility needs of the future. These models, iconic to the history of Italian motoring, will now be powered by electric motors, offering ecological and sustainable performance.

Stellantis: the legendary Topolino and the FIAT 600 are back on the Lingotto track

Stellantis: Topolino, FIAT 600 and many new products arriving in Italy!

The company has planned a presentation event, called “The future is on track“, to be held at Casa 500, a symbolic place of the Fiat brand located on the Lingotto track in Turin. The event will see the participation of around 170 journalists from all over Europe. The Italian car market has shown steady growth, albeit at a slower pace. Registrations increased by 9,19% in June compared to the same period of the previous year. However, Stellantis recorded a decline in registrations in Italy, with a decrease of 11.1% compared to the same month last year. Despite this, the company maintains a solid 31% market share.

The announcement of the investment in Mirafiori and the launch of the new electric cars demonstrate Stellantis’ commitment to innovation, sustainability and maintaining its presence in Italy. These initiatives were welcomed by the trade unions and received favorable comments from the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, and from the mayor of Turin, Stefano Lo Russo. Stellantis is redefining the concept of mobility of the future, combining the reference to the past with the advanced technologies of electric vehicles. With the presentation of the new Topolino and Fiat 600, the company intends to satisfy the needs of consumers in terms of mobility.

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