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MCU: top 10 best characters

The MCU has a history spanning more than a decade and we have seen many films, but who are the best characters? Let’s find out together

What we have seen from 2008 to today is a long mythological epic that tells of many deeds of valiant heroes, with their weaknesses and humanity and the many disasters in which they intervened or they themselves were victims. The universe (or rather, multiverse) is vast and there are many characters who were protagonists of these events, which have accompanied us for more than a decade. Let’s analyze point by point those who are the best characters in the MCU (thus excluding those outside).

10. Nick Fury | MCU: top 10 best characters

Speaking on the subject of SHIELD, it is impossible not to mention him, the creator of the team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Nick Fury. First appeared in Iron Man, the character has always played a key role in the great Marvel mythological tale, becoming an icon of the saga, always present in almost every original Avengers film. The leader of SHIELD is literally the guide of heroesthe one who made it happen the Avengers uniterepresented in a stoic and severe manner, but with his touches of irony and sarcasm always capable of raising a smile, thanks also to the interpretation of Samuel L. Jackson.

Nick Fury even had his own TV series, Secret Invasionwhich shows us Fury attempting to foil the interplanetary threat ofSkrull invasion. In the series the character performed well, demonstrating his abilities as a superspy, without resorting to the help of the Avengers. This shows how minded Fury is brilliant and impeccable, capable of handling things much bigger than him. A very respectable character, who has accompanied us for a long time. His future death, when and if it happens, will be a great loss to the MCU, as the departures of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff were.

9. T’Challa | MCU: top 10 best characters

Appearing for the first time in Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa represented an important piece for the MCU, especially due to the late death of the actor Chadwick Boseman in 2020. T’Challa presented a new aspect of the saga, an unexplored land, which before his first appearance had never been shown: Wakanda. This African territory full of unimaginable riches represents an aspect of the MCU that should not be underestimated, in fact it was almost the cause of a world war, as seen in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

T’Challa is the face of Wakanda, even after his death. In the first Black Panther, in fact, the king gives us great emotions by telling his story, how the Black Panthers were born and the various conflicts in which Wakanda was involved, whether political or family issues, T’Challa is in charge of an entire genesisholds a very difficult role to shoulder, but he succeeded perfectly, showing the world that he is a humble, generous ruler and always willing to find a meeting point for both sides, also showing respect for his adversaries , as with Killmonger. A very respectable character, to whom we owe a lot, especially to Chadwick.

8. Natasha Romanoff | MCU: top 10 best characters

The most lethal and fascinating woman in the MCU, Black Widowfor friends Natasha Romanoff, enters the category of the first characters present since the dawn of the franchise. The character played by Scarlett Johanssonin fact, appears in Iron Man 2, third film of the MCU. Always a faithful companion of the Avengers, Natasha is living proof that you don’t have to be a God, a supersoldier, or have a superpower to be a hero. Nat’s feats are mammoth, she has held her own against powerful beings such as Hulk or by deceiving cunning and cunning characters such as Loki.

His standalone film pays its own homages and respects to the character, to honor Natasha’s sacrifice on Vormirwhen she and Clint Barton had to retrieve the soul stone to fulfill the mission of erase the effects of Thanos’ snap and bring everyone back to life. A way to remember our heroine, for whom we shed tears because of her sad death occurred in Endgame. But it’s not just a tribute, Natasha in fact recruits new and interesting people, first of all Yelena Belova, reappeared in Hawkeye. Nat, in fact, gives Black Widow’s inheritance to her sister. Will Yelena be up to honoring Natasha’s memory? We will find out in the future.

7. Clint Barton | MCU: top 10 best characters

What was thought to be the least considered Avenger is now one of the most important. Clint Bartonbetter known as Hawkeyeis the best archer in the world, and was able to face enemies of greater strength than his, as Loki. Its first appearance dates back to first Thor filmin which he is already shown to be an interesting character, even if he only appears in the film cheer for the Thunderer. Initially the character was not used to his full potential, at least until Endgame, where he takes a completely different turn, becoming a vengeful samurai blinded by rage for the passing of his family,

In the series that bears his name, Clint reaches his full potential, completely capturing the essence of Hawkeye. After the events of Endgame, in fact, the archer must process the events in which he participated in Avengers Endgame, trying to live with the pain to the disappearance of her best friend Natasha and making up for mistakes made in the shoes of Ronin. In doing so, he must help a young girl, Kate BishopHawkeye’s number one fan, to face a gang led by Maya Lopez, seeking revenge for the death of his father, killed by Ronin, under Kingpin’s orders. Clint has begun to have more facets in recent years, starting with Ronin, he has gained more charisma and with more stories to tell, stories that we trust will be told in the future.

6. Steve Rogers | MCU: the best characters

Impossible not to mention him, the leader of the Avengersthe legendary and iconic Captain Americabut we prefer to remember him fondly by his real name, Steve Rogers. His is a name not to be forgotten, because the hero is not the figure that America created, he is not the super soldier created by an experiment to fight the Nazis of Hydra, but Steve, he is the real hero. To quote an essay “not a perfect soldier, but a good man”. This is the phrase that represents the character played by Chris Evans, Steve is the essence of heroism, of what is right to do, but he too has made big mistakes, especially with Tony. However, he learned from his mistakes to become a better person and gain forgiveness from his fellow Avenger.

We last saw him in Avengers Endgame, a film that put an end to Steve’s story. Throughout his life, he lived to serve others, regardless of self-care and what they wanted, which is why it seemed more than right that he had a happy endingwho returned to the woman he had never stopped loving 80 years after the victory against Hydra in the Second World War, Peggy Carter. The circle concluded in a coherent and correct manner, after leading the Avengers against Loki, Ultron and Thanos, impeccably, Steve obtained the peace he was looking for, leaving the baton to Sam Wilson.

5. Thanos | MCU: the best characters

The list could not miss the greatest villain that Marvel has ever created in its history, the greatest threat that the Avengers had ever faced: Thanos. Josh Brolin gave us a masterful performance as the Mad Titan that he was the only opponent capable of beating the Avengers and achieve the goal he had set himself with so much effort: erase half the universe. A solution that, in his vision, was an altruistic gesture, a way to put an end to many sufferings that the universe was experiencing, caused by overpopulation. An extreme gesture, but which ultimately proved to be working: the Earth has in fact experienced five years of “serenity”, with many fewer problems linked to the lack of resources and pollution.

The importance that Thanos had is not only linked to the success that the villain had against the Avengers, but to the reflections that his great undertaking gave rise to. Is Thanos really a villain? He erased billions of lives, but it is understandable that his vision could somehow be right. Self-centered to make the decision on behalf of billions of people, but his gesture had no bad intentions, he wanted to make the universe a better place to live. Thanos seriously questions what is right and wrong, which is why he remains one of the most successful characters in the MCU, he left many moral questions that we fans have been trying to answer since 2018, including the following: Was Thanos really right?

4. Guardians of the Galaxy | MCU: the best characters

Citing just one of them was inconceivable, in fact the beauty of the Guardians of the Galaxy is that They work so well together that it’s hard to imagine them apart. The team of antiheroes formed by Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, Mantis and Nebula is the best in all of the MCUall the characters are in total symbiosis with each other, thanks to the crazy and brilliant mind of James Gunnwhich not only made the Guardians famous to the general public, but also created what we think of them as the best MCU trilogy.

It all began in 2014, when the first film of the trilogy was released, in which we see Peter Quill form a team of criminals to become heroes and abandon their greedy and selfish lives, joining forces to save the galaxy from Ronan the Accuser. The guardians are united by a dark and painful past that they have all experienced and which is explored over the course of the films, some more and some less. Each of them is explored from every point of view and their differences manage to come together to form a big family serving the innocents of the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy are an example of how we should help each other and they teach us that the real family is the one you choose, not the one linked by blood. Applause to grandmaster James Gunn.

3. Tony Stark | MCU: the best characters

Could it have been missing? Do not enter Tony Stark on the list it would have been a war crime (of which our hero has been accused several times in the past). Yes, because Tony he is not a perfect manit never was, much less is it…