MediaWorld: dopo il successo di Milano nasce il Tech Village di Rotterdam thumbnail

MediaWorld: after the success of Milan, the Tech Village of Rotterdam is born

MediaWorld: after the success in Milan, the Tech Village in Rotterdam is born thumbnail

After the success of the Tech Village in Milan, inaugurated in July 2020, the Mediamarkt Group, of which MediaWorld is a part, announces a new opening. This is the Tech Village in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. The new project takes up the innovative and one-of-a-kind format of the Milanese structure by providing users with an experience center that extends over more than 5,000 square meters.

The Tech Village in Rotterdam has been inaugurated: it follows the MediaWorld project in Milan

The MediaWorld Tech Village teaches us. Based on this highly successful experience, the Mediamarkt Group has announced the opening of the Tech Village in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The new experience center it develops long 5 thousand square meters dedicated to innovation. The project features exhibition spaces, areas dedicated to training and innovation. The new Tech Village, like the MediaWorld one in Milan, was built in collaboration with the architect Fabio Novembre and Novembre Studio.

There are also the “shops”

As also happened in Milan, the format of the Tech Village in Rotterdam proposes “shopstechnological. These spaces are managed directly by the main brands that will offer users their products and will be able to organize events and training programs. The facility will host a total of 31 brands that will have the opportunity to exhibit their products and make their technology known in the new Mediamarkt center in Rotterdam.

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