MEGA launches the iconic Tesla Cybertruck to be built

More than three thousand pieces will be used to assemble the brand new Tesla Cybertruck launched by MEGA

Mattel expands the portfolio of MEGA, the company’s popular construction brand, through the launch of the first Tesla Cybertruck to be built, a kit designed for toy collectors and fans of the automotive world. The Cybertruck Mega construction kit, which includes more than 3000 pieces and perfectly replicates the design of the vehicle, it premiered on Mattel Creations on October 15th ed he arrives also in Italy from 6 December.

MEGA launches the iconic Tesla Cybertruck to be built

Creating collectible and design products is key to MEGA and the Cybertruck to build is a one-of-a-kind model. Through partnerships with innovative brands in pop culture and design, MEGA continues to create exclusive products of the highest level for collectors.

To say this was Bhishma Ansari, SVP of MEGA. The Cybertruck by MEGA is very detailed and complete in all its facets and the main characteristics of the product are the following:

  • Adjustable air suspension to raise and lower the height of the Cybertruck
  • Functional hood that opens and closes
  • Rear cargo bed with retractable cover
  • Interchangeable windows to simulate viral glass breakage

MEGA launches the iconic Tesla Cybertruck to be built

Across the Dedicated QR Code, MEGA allows consumers to discover the unique characteristics of this product and to see it built and exhibited in their environment thanks to augmented reality. After the pre-launch on Mattel Creations, the platform that aims to transform Mattel’s most iconic games into design objects of new inspiration, MEGA’s Cybertruck also arrives in Italy. A strong launch plan with digital activations and influencers to reach collectors and enthusiasts who will be able to live a unique experience of its kind!

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