Melissa McCarthy to star in a Christmas comedy

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Famous actress Melissa McCarthy will star in a new, funny and unpredictable Christmas comedy

Well yes, now we have the certainty: the famous actress Melissa McCarthy she was cast as the lead in a new Christmas comedy. We don’t know much about the plot or the cast of this project, but we can tell you that the screenwriter is the same as the successful film Love Actually.

Even Melissa McCarthy has been fascinated by comedies set at Christmas! We can’t wait to find out at work, also because the film certainly has something extra: the screenwriter Richard Curtis who signed one of the cult Christmas films like Love Actually. He is also part of the team Sam Boydcreator of Love Life.

We don’t have much news, but we can assure you that the actress will not disappoint in terms of her creative and ironic vein, which has made her popular in many films in which she stars. She rightfully entered pop culture with the character of A mum for a friend, we have seen her many times in the cinema in recent years, with films that are popular and well received by critics as well as the public. We give you some names, such as The friends of the bride e Thor: Love and Thunder.

Melissa McCarthy to star in a Christmas comedy

Melissa McCarthy: The Christmas Comedy

At the moment we don’t know the name of this funny new Christmas comedy in which McCarthy will star. We can only tell you what she said The Hollywood Reporteror that the actress will be the main performer.

Sam Boyd, however, will be the director and the project sees the collaboration for Peacock con Universal Pictures e Working Title.

The plot of the movie

The first details on the plot of the film have emerged and we reveal them to you! We know that the comedy will not give up a pinch of magic. The protagonist is a family man who asks for help from a genius to get closer to his family. Having worked too much and for too long, his closest loved ones have distanced themselves and his desire for Christmas is to go back to being a close-knit family like it used to be. But will it be possible?

The magic of the movie

After all, magic is nothing new for actress Melissa McCarthy. This is because the performer has also been involved in another fictional project in recent times, namely the live-action de The little Mermaid. In the film, starring Halle Bailey, McCarthy plays Ursula, the sea witch, one of the most iconic villains in the fabulous world of Disney. The film will arrive in theaters in May 2023, directed by Rob Marshall.

Regarding the Christmas comedy, however, we do not know a release date or the complete plot. For that we will have to wait. As reported by ScreenRant, the Love Actually screenwriter hasn’t started writing the story yet. Furthermore, it has not been announced who will be the male co-star who will join Melissa McCarthy in this new and unmissable Christmas adventure.

We will obviously report all the news and until then…stay tuned!

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