Mercedes EQS: the restyling that makes the star on the bonnet shine

Among the best luxury electric sedans, the Mercedes EQS has undergone a restyling that enhances its performance. Now the star shines on the hood

The Mercedes EQSundisputed queen among luxury electric sedans, is renewed for 2024 with a restyling that aims to enhance its charm and performance even more. The most evident novelty aesthetically is the return of the Mercedes star on the bonnet, now in a vertical position as on the brand's classic models. The front also sports a chrome grill which gives a touch of elegance and refinement. Inside, the interior remains unchanged in layout, but with some features that enhance comfort. The rear seats are more padded and all versions have reclining backrests. The air vents on the B-pillar are embellished with refined chrome details.

Mercedes EQS: the restyling that makes the star on the bonnet shineMercedes EQS: the restyling that makes the star on the bonnet shine

Mercedes EQS: more power and autonomy for an electrifying drive

But the real beating heart of this new Mercedes model is the battery, now from 118 kWh against 108.4 kWh of the previous model. This increase allows you to reach a maximum range of 822 km in the WLTP cycle. This is a truly remarkable value which places the EQS at the top of the segment. There regenerative braking has been further optimized thanks to a software update. In this way we have further improved theenergy efficiency of the vehicle.

The car confirms its status as a top-of-the-range luxury electric sedan thanks to the unrivaled driving experience in terms of comfort, performance and technology. The restyling has added a touch of elegance and classicism to its design, without giving up thecutting-edge technology and the efficiency that have always distinguished it. With its new look, greater autonomy and even more comfortable interior, the Mercedes EQS 2024 is preparing to conquer a large segment of the most demanding motorists looking for a top-level electric driving experience. A perfect combination of luxury, technology and sustainability that represents excellence in the world of electric cars.

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