Mercedes GLC 2022, the second generation is coming

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Mercedes GLC 2022 is the latest addition to the Stuttgart house. It will hit the market in the fall and is ready to stand out on the SUV scene.

Mercedes GLC 2022

Will the success be destined to continue? At the moment, in the last two years it has been the best-selling model of the Stuttgart house, the numbers speak for themselves 2.6 million customers drive the GLC.

Here, with a world premiere, live streaming right from the headquarters, Mercedes has unveiled the new GLC. Above all, the new generation is one of the mid-sized Sport utilities destined, in the coming months, to be talked about for performance and innovations.

Well-defined lines that wink at the cutting-edge of design, the new GLC will arrive on the road only with hybrid propulsion. In particular, plug-in with 100 kilometers of electric autonomy that mild hybrid equipped with 48volts technique and integrated alternator-starter and was born to deal with various surfaces of land, just as suggested by the letter G.

Mercedes GLC 2022

The range includes four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, flanked by an electric motor; four make use of the lightweight hybrid while the three plug-in versions boast an overall maximum output of 333 horsepower for 750nm of torque. For the latter power-units, the Hybrid driving mode is designed to optimize flows and increase efficiency in order to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

As regards the exterior, the new GLC shows off the important and characteristic shape of SUVs, but with that touch of elegance typical of Mercedes cars, the headlights, renewed and well harmonized with the standard chrome grille, catch the eye.

Inside, the passenger compartment features the instrument panel structured by two areas arranged horizontally and a central display, which seen from some angles appears to be suspended.

GLC is equipped with all the latest on-board technologies with connectivity, logistic information, predictive functions and active and passive safety systems. The seats in precious upholstery create a harmonious and elegant interior.

Times and costs

GLC will arrive on the market next autumn, with an exclusive commercial offer for Europe, which includes six different trim levels, four of which by AMG. Regarding the cost, at the moment the manufacturer has not revealed the prices, but compared to the GLC on the market, the new ones will be equipped with more complete standard equipment and with increased costs.

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