New Firefox update: default cookie protection

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Firefox implements full cookie protection by default. After the new update, it claims that it is now the safest primary browser

Mozilla is implementing the total protection of cookies by default to all desktop users of Firefox (For more information click here). According to the company, this makes Firefox the safer and more private web browseras cookies can now be confined to the site where they were created.

Details on the new Firefox update

Total cookie protection is a feature designed to protect you from tracking without affecting your browsing experience. Basically, it will create a “jar” for every website you visit, which will allow websites to only see your behavior on individual sites. Let’s take this example from the Mozilla Firefox team. Whenever a website, or third party content embedded in a website, deposits a cookie in the browser, that cookie is limited to the cookie container assigned to that website only. No other website can access to the cookie jars that do not belong to him e find out what they know about you cookies from other websites. In this way we will finally be free from invasive ads.

New Firefox update: default cookie protection

Total cookie Protection

Mozilla believes that Total Cookie Protection can help you enjoy better privacy and an exceptional sailing experience. It builds on existing tools in Firefox and is better than the browser’s anti-tracking capabilities. This is even more difficult to abuse, since with Enhanced Tracking Protection of Firefox, the trackers have been kept based on a list. This allowed attackers to set up new domains as a workaround. Total Cookie Protection solves this problem limiting the functionality to all cookies and not just those on a list.

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