Meta will continue to use facial recognition technology

Meta: stop al riconoscimento facciale su Facebook thumbnail

This week Facebook announced that will no longer use facial recognition technologies on its platform: however the parent company of the social network, Meta, said the commitment does not apply to its products of metaverso.

Meta will use facial recognition technology

Much to the delight of privacy advocates, Facebook has announced that it will be shutting down its facial recognition tool as well will erase the collected facial models more than a billion people. Technology, which includes the controversial DeepFace algorithm, was used for identification the people in the photos uploaded for the purpose of tagging.

Although Facebook has announced this news, Meta has however wanted to emphasize that the limitation of the technology does not extend to metaverse products. Jason Grosse, Meta’s spokesperson, revealed:

We believe this technology has the potential to enable positive use cases in the future that maintain privacy, control and transparency. This is an approach we will continue to explore as we consider how our future computing platforms and devices can better serve people’s needs.

According to the report, Meta will continue to use a variety of biometric tools while aggressively moving in the metaverse. This includes DeepFace, an artificial intelligence technology that matches i facial patterns generated by the system Facebook facial recognition with user photos.

Metaverse direction

Meta’s metaverse is one multi-user VR space currently accessible through hardware Portal. With complex avatars and real-time facial tracking on the horizon, the platform opens the door to a new level of user data collection.

Meta did not disclose what, exactly, it plans to do with DeepFace. However, the company has promised that it will keep users updated.

“For any potential future applications of technologies like this, we will continue to be public about their intended use. We will keep users updated on any possible news ”, concluded Grosse.