Shadow Warrior 3: Devolver shooter launch date announced

A new trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 finally announces its launch date, which is much closer than you might think

Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog have announced the launch date of Shadow Warrior 3, the new shooter in the series that will arrive on March 1 on PS4, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC. A new fun trailer announces all the details on the release date which, in addition to making fun of the classic videogame trailers in its own way, reminds us of some of the most important features present within the game.

Shadow Warrior 3, finally the launch date: it will arrive on March 1st

Shadow Warrior 3 was originally supposed to be out in late 2021, but after a postponement the new launch date is now set to March 1, 2022. Already several trailers have shown us some clips of gameplay of the title, which is frenetic and over the top just like the first two chapters, with adrenaline-pumping action phases that are very reminiscent of the style of the great Doom Eternal. Even the latest trailer reminds us of some of the features introduced in this third installment of the series.

The protagonist Lo Wang | he will find himself together with his nemesis, Orochi Zilla, to solve a big problem caused by both. In fact, the two accidentally summoned a giant ancient dragon, which they will have to stop at all costs before it sweeps anything away. In the game there will be spectacular finishing moves with which to kill enemies with style, powerful magic, sharp katana by Lo Wang able to slice any monster and the ability to kill opponents in creative ways thanks to the traps present in the environment.

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