Metal Gear Solid: Virtuous would work on the remake for Konami

The Chinese studio Virtuous, a rather large piece that focuses on supporting triple A titles, seems to have been chosen by Konami to work on the remake of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater

Before going into the specific story inherent to Virtuous, we must remember how Konami has long intended to release various remasters of its games, including Metal Gear Solid and clearly Snake Eater too; however, the hypothesis of a real remake of the saga yet it had no solid foundation. In addition, it has long been rumored that the work had been assigned to the Bluepoint studio, as it became known that they were working on a remake of a “much loved” game. But, according to an insider, in reality it seems that their rumored project does not concern the well-known Kojima saga. Finally, in the last few days, there has been talk of a possible remake project produced by Virtuous.

Virtuous, Konami ed il remake di Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater

Virtuous, founded in China in 2004, is one of the largest development companies in the world, mainly focused on giving support to studies that focus on the creation of big titles (both videogame and not), and also to export them to new platforms. Concrete examples are the port of Dark Souls Remastered to Switch, and the contribution made to Battlefield 1, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 for art and content. The information apparently referring to a remake of a Konami game, namely Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, derives from the Linkedin profile of a Virtuous studio employee named Zhiyang Li.

Going to see in his account, the participation in the project of the game, not yet announced, has been included since October 2018. Through the description, it is possible to read how the remake will reach a graphic style like a Triple A, coming to touch the 4K, and will also have a “Element of destruction”. In addition, multiple platforms are mentioned, and the fact that it will be an action-adventure game. The speculations that lead to think of Metal Gear Solid are fueled by the fact that Konami is actively outsourcing its IPs, so that specialized studios can bring them to light with a more modern key, suited to the current market.

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