Metroid Dread: the original Samus saga is about to end

Metroid’s reign of terror is about to end: Yoshio Sakamoto tells us how Dread will end the classic Samus saga

The title “Metroid 5”With which the trailer of the latest adventure of Samus, before its official subtitle was revealed Dread, was not put at random. Just as Fusion on the Game Boy Advance in 2002 opened with “Metroid 4”, so this will be the fifth canonical episode of the series according to the director. Yoshio Sakamoto. During the Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 that followed the spectacular Direct, Sakamoto talked about how the narrative arc that originally opened on NES (and last revised 19 years ago with Fusion) focusing on “cosmic jellyfish” is about to end. .

The galaxy is at peace: will Metroid Dread be a goodbye to Samus?

With Prime 4 still in development we strongly doubt that Metroid Dread represents a goodbye to Samus Aran. However, the main story arc is about to end. If you want to relive it, you will need a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo 3DS at least. It all began in 1986 with the first episode on NES, also playable via Nintendo Switch Online (and on GBA, preferably, if you have Metroid: Zero Mission). Then we have the second chapter, available on 3DS via Virtual Console (Game Boy) or with the remake Samus Returns. For the third episode, Super Metroid, on the other hand, both the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console and the Nintendo Switch Online are valid.

Things get a little more complicated with Fusion, which you can play on Nintendo 3DS if you are part of the “ambassadors” who bought it before the price cut. If not, and in the absence of the Game Boy Advance on Nintendo Switch Online, the only thing you can do is get the console in question. The difficulty in recovering the other chapters is certainly not Sakamoto’s will: before that MercurySteam brought the project back into vogue (protagonist of a myriad of rumors in recent years), in fact, the game was expected on previous consoles, but tormented by technical limitations. To find out more, watch the video above. We meet againOctober 8, Samus!

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