MG ZS 2021, Marvel R and MG5: three new super interesting electric models

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Now read about new models MG it is no longer a surprise. In fact, the British manufacturer returned to Europe last year, supported by the Chinese SAIC Motors, with a decisive change of course compared to the past. There are no longer two uncovered or sporty compact seats: now MG is a totally electrified brand, but always dynamic, sporty and with an excellent quality-price ratio. And the new ones are heading in this direction MG ZS 2021, Marvel R and MG5. It is in fact three new electric models with excellent quality and autonomy, at a very attractive price. Let’s find out all the new MG models and also how the company’s return to Europe is going after 15 years of absence.

The return of MG to Europe: 21,000 cars in mid-2021, and sales in sharp growth

MG is the classic example of a house able to reinvent itself completely. The British brand, in fact, after the bankruptcy in 2005 passed into Chinese hands, and by completely revolutionizing its offer, it managed to return to the European market after more than 15 years of absence with a modern, accessible and above all original offer.

While in fact all the competitors are committed to the construction of large, expensive and premium-flavored electric cars, MG has decided to focus on another segment: that of accessible electric. According to MG Europe CEO, Matt Lei, “MG knows what European customers want: sustainable, safe and accessible mobility at an honest price. And we want to do just that “.

In fact, there are no exorbitantly priced MGs, with the more expensive Marvel R offered at well under € 50,000 and much of the range set at around € 30,000. According to you, in fact, the houses “must not force changes, but listen to customer requests and solve problems together“. By doing so, MG is getting noticed: more and more people notice that MG is back, and the sales are great. Despite the chip crisis that has created quite a few problems in recent months, MG sold 21,000 cars in the first half of 2021 in Europe and the United Kingdomto. In June alone, it delivered 5,000 cars.

An excellent number considering that the Anglo-Chinese company arrived in Western Europe in June, and only during the summer did it have a stable and widespread network of dealers. MG is indeed present in 16 European countries, and soon it will also arrive in Finland and Spain, and it counts beyond 300 points of sale. The goal is to reach 400 by the end of 2021.

The strength lies in collaboration: MG has important partners for its cars

These are important numbers for a house that wasn’t even on the radar of European customers 12 months ago. MG has also aimed to make itself known through the sponsorship of two international football teams such as Liverpool and Lyon, but above all it is focusing on an exponential improvement of its technologies, collaborating with famous and renowned companies worldwide.

A few examples? The ADAS systems of all MGs on the market are made by Bosch, while Visteon he created the infotainment systems and on-board systems. Continentalinstead, it supplies the electrical systems, Allianz collaborates on the insurance side and several electricity suppliers are working with MG to provide customers with cheaper rates for charging. The latest to work with MG is none other than Amazon, with its division AWS.

Amazon Web Services, leader in cloud services and in the creation of system interface systems, has created an OTA update protocol for MG for the MG iSmart system, real-time traffic, voice assistant and audio streaming on Amazon Music. All this work, however, leads to only one result: a family of modern MG models, complete but above all accessible. The MG family, in fact, combines high-level content with a decidedly low price, and is constantly expanding. Up until this point in 2021, only MG ZS Electric and the EHS Plug-In hybrid have hit the market. Now, however, it’s time for a upgrade.

MG ZS 2021, the best seller is renewed: new batteries, new infotainment and more modern line

And we didn’t choose the word upgrade at random, because the company’s best-selling model, MG ZS, is renewed for the end of 2021. ZS is a compact SUV with dimensions similar to VW T-Roc, which thanks to a successful line, a good availability of space and a relaxed drive had convinced as many as 15,000 European customers in its first year of life. The only drawbacks of the model were a not-so-fast recharge and a slightly underpowered 43.5 kWh battery. Today, things change with the restyling of MG ZS for 2021.

MG ZS EV indeed earns a more modern front, now faired and without the grille very similar to Mazda models. Also behind come new LED headlights, and inside the old infotainment system gives way to the new MG iSmart much bigger, faster and more modern. Then there is the connectivity with the smartphone through the iSmart app, but the biggest news, however, are under the body. If the engine remains unchanged with its 143 hp, what changes is the battery. In fact, now MG ZS EV in the 2021 version is available with two capacity cuts.

The Standard Range has a 50 kWh, able to guarantee up to 320 km of autonomy in mixed cycle WLTP. The version Long Range, on the other hand, it even reaches i 70 kWh, allowing you to travel smoothly 440 km in mixed cycle. Recharging in alternating current reaches 11 kW, while there is also the fast one in direct current, which guarantees a recharge from 30 to 80% in just 30 minutes. Despite the aesthetic, technological and technical improvements, finally, MG ZS EV in the 2021 version is even cheaper than the previous one. Sales will start from the end of October and the price list will start from 30,990 euros for the Standard Range version. The Long Range version, on the other hand, will start from 34,990 euros: the same price as the current attack ZS.

After MG ZS and EHS, 2021 brings two new models as a dowry. The MG5 Wagon amazes for space, line and price

But MG certainly doesn’t stop there. Although the EHS Plug-In hybrid has not been updated, 2021 in addition to the renewed MG ZS leads to the two new models debut, Marvel R and MG5. We had already met both a few months ago during a presentation of the Anglo-Chinese House, but today we discover the official price lists and all the characteristics of truly surprising models.

Let’s start from prima station welectric agon ever produced, MG5. MG5 Electric is in fact the first fully electric family, e combines technology, sustainability and plenty of space on board. Aesthetically, the MG5 is a wagon balanced, elegant and with a sporty touch. The faired front leaves no room for doubt about its electric nature, while the tail is really successful and elegant with a nice original and sporty design.

Inside of, the infotainme screen stands outnt iSmart as standard, an elegant and well-finished interior and plenty of space available. The trunk measure in fact 479 liters, which rise to 1.400 with the rear seats folded down. The motor front is slightly less powerful than presented in March, capable of 156 hp and 320 Nm of torque. There will be then two batteries, one from 51 kWh able to 320 km of autonomy and one from 61,1 kWh, able to 400 km. MG5 will arrive in early 2022 in Europe. And the price? Really interesting, with the starting point fixed under 30,000 euros.

MG Marvel R, the top of the range: refined mechanics, excellent performance and great price

But finally, let’s move on to the MG flagship, the Marvel R. Compared to MG ZS, EHS and MG5, the Marvel R is the first new generation model of MG, and it shows in all aspects. The aesthetic is really successful, with a futuristic and personal front, a very original rear and lines that stand out without losing the sportiness and elegance typical of the brand. Inside, then, one is greeted by one huge 19.8 inch infotainment screen, equipped with the MG iSmart system and the connection with the smartphone via app. Given the dimensions comparable to those of VW ID.4 and Skoda Enyaq, the interior space is a lot and the finishes are very interesting, right for the most accurate and expensive car in the range.

But where MG Marvel R amazes is in mechanics. The frame is equipped with a subframe interamaluminum body, and the platform on which it is built is all new. Then there are two engines, one with rear-wheel drive and one with all-wheel drive, e three versions: Confort, Luxury and Performance. The Confort and Luxury versions are equipped with rear-wheel drive: there are two engines housed on the rear axle, capable of 180 hp and 410 Nm of torque and a ‘autonomy in the WLTP cycle of 402 km. The most desirable version, however, is the top of the range Performance. The two rear engines are joined by another one at the front. So you have one All-wheel drive MG and with a maximum power of 288 hp and a good 665 Nm of torque.

The autonomy is 370 km in mixed cycle WLTP, and the performance is truly amazing considering the unexasperated power of the engines. 0-50 km / h is covered in 2 seconds, while the 100 km / h can be reached from standstill in only 4.9 seconds. Both then reach i 200 km/h maximum speed. There charging he arrives fino a 92 kW in direct current, and the sistema V2L Vehicle To Load, to power or charge other electronic devices with your Marvel R. We close with the price, which despite being in front of the flagship of the house is really interesting. The Confort attack version will be available for order from the end of October starting from 39.900 euro, with the Luxury offered at 43,990 euros and the Performance at 47,990 euros.

How much will MG ZS 2021, Marvel R and MG5 cost? An excellent quality-price ratio

This is a truly competitive price list, lower for the same power and set-ups of up to 10,000 euros compared to European competitors. MG in fact aims to amaze the European clientele with cars that are beautiful to look at, complete, safe and with excellent technical contents at low prices and accessible to all. To surprise us too, however, is the ability of MG to further lower prices since its debut. The MG ZS 2021 in fact dropped by 4,000 euros compared to the outgoing model, even though MG has significantly improved its model with more autonomy and more technology.

This shows how MG is one House to keep d’occhio, with enormous room for growth and improvement. The electrified range of MG is already complete and varied, attacking little market segments …