Michelin Ferrari 296 GTB with two new tires

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Michelin has been chosen by Ferrari for the original equipment of its new 296 GTB, so and will supply two different tires: the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S K1, for mainly road use, and the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R K2a semi-slick tire approved for road use, but also dedicated to those looking for maximum performance on the track.

Michelin and Ferrari engineers worked together to develop these tires which are both marked with a specific marking, the “K” symbol, present on the sidewalls of the tires. To arrive at the final product they were necessary four development cycles in 18 months, now approved and available on the market.

For the new Ferrari 296 GTB, Michelin has created two different compounds and as many specific technologies to produce two tires with distinct uses. And it did so in compliance with the Group’s All Sustainable strategy: reduced use of raw materials, lower rolling resistance, reduction in the number of tires produced and the number of actual tests carried out.

Michelin Pilot Sport for the new Ferrari 296 GTB

Specifically, Michelin produced the following tires:

  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S K1, a high performance tire for everyday use. Recognized for its performance on the road and also suitable for occasional use on the track, this tire provides the car with an excellent balance of grip, control and driving pleasure, but also excellent mileage. The tread is made with different rubber compounds. This technology, taken to the extreme, combines four different compounds (two at the front, two at the rear) to provide high grip and driving precision in the dry, as well as excellent safety even in the wet.
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R K2, a track tire with homologation for road use, has been specially designed for those looking for extreme driving sensations. You can count on a special rubber compound composed of functional elastomers, which makes the material more homogeneous. The result is strong dry grip that allows for very high cornering speeds, combined with excellent high-speed stability, improved rolling resistance and wet grip.

The two tires share the presence of innovative technologies developed by Michelin. Among these stand out a hybrid canvas composed of aramid and nylon, which results in a high reactivity to the commands given by the steering, and a technology multi-compound. There is also room for an innovative corrugated canvas inside the tread structure, which improves driving precision;

Tire technical specifications

Front: 245 / 35ZR20 (95Y) XL TL PILOT SPORT 4 S K1

Rear: 305 / 35ZR20 (107Y) XL TL PILOT SPORT 4 S K1


Anteriore: 245/35 ZR20 (95Y) XL TL PILOT SPORT CUP 2 R K2

Posteriore: 305/35 ZR20 (107Y) XL TL PILOT SPORT CUP 2 R K2

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