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Michelin Guide Italy celebrates 70 years: all the news for 2024

The guide MICHELINwhose next Italian edition he will be 70 years old it has evolved over the years. It has become increasingly technological and digital, in line with Michelin’s mission: to improve people’s mobility in a sustainable way. On the occasion of the anniversary, the company wanted to introduce a new series not to be missed.

Michelin, 70 years of sustainability

Evolution is a theme that unites both souls of Michelin. Tires and MICHELIN Guide they have transformed, also becoming increasingly sustainable. A term that we hear every day today, which Michelin began dealing with over 30 years ago, creating the first green tire in 1992.

L’Certificate for Sustainable Tire Management that Michelin Italia assigns to heavy vehicle fleets. An initiative that aims to involve and inspire strategic partners in the field of mobility, giving visibility to companies that, through careful tire management, contribute to more sustainable mobility with positive impacts on the environment, safety and their own profitability.

The Michelin Green Star

Thus, moving to the world of the MICHELIN Guide, the was born in 2020 MICHELIN Green Star. An award created to point out to readers sensitive to the topic the most virtuous and active restaurants in terms of sustainability, but also with the aim of increasing attention around this element in the restaurant sector.

Here are the new tires for Michelin’s 70th anniversary

2024 will thus be a year full of news, which will see the arrival of 10 new tyres which will be presented from March onwards: a new model for autothree dedicated to the world moto – with a preview of the new Power 6, Power GP2 and Anakee Road which took place at EICMA – and 6 new ranges for the bicycles.

The Michelin Key

Innovation is at the center of the restyling of the tire offer and also extends to the world of Guides. In fact, in the spring the Italian selection of hotels to which the award will be assigned for the first time will be revealed Michelin key.

A new recognition presented in October 2023 and which will make its debut this year in 8 countries, including Italy, which was created with the aim of highlighting to users structures with an extraordinary style and rich in personality, as well as great comfort and level of service. The current selection – already available on the free Michelin Guide application – will therefore be enriched by a new pictogram that will help users plan their trips even better.

Finally, in November we will discover the 70th Italian selection of the Guide MICHELINa key moment in the world of gastronomy, in which the new Stars of Italian catering will be revealed.

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