Michelin Italia: here is the Sustainable Tire Management Certificate

Michelin Italy launched the Sustainable Tire Management Certificate: an acknowledgment signed by the company itself, intended for fleets that share the desire for more sustainable mobility also for the transport of goods.

The Certificate is based on precise, objective and structured data that lead to a mathematical formula that takes into account two key factors: the regrooving and reconstruction rate, on which the CO2 and raw material savings have been calculated. To cite an examplemeasurements and calculations carried out at the Michelin R&D Center in Ladoux from external bodies (DEKRA) certify that by simply regrooving the tires it is possible to save 1.5 liters of fuel per 100 km traveled.

In the Old Continent, for example, four out of five companies in the road freight transport sector declare themselves oriented towards environmental protection actions. In this context of greater attention from the entire supply chain, the Michelin Certificate concretely enhances the actions taken to save resources and materials, favoring a new use; for example through the retreading and regrooving of tires.

The certificate for the Sustainable Management of Tires was awarded to 31 companies that have reached the reference threshold value and that overall have spared 5058 tons of Co2 – equal to 18 trips of a truck from earth to moon or the annual emissions of a fleet of 115 trucks (!) – and 1854 tons of raw materials – amount of resources needed to produce 26,428 tires.

“Michelin’s commitment to sustainability, the growing awareness of how important it is to protect the environment on the part of road transport operators and the desire to make the results of Michelin’s activity tangible have been answered in the Certificate of Sustainable management of tires “- said Silvia Vergani, Business2business Marketing Director of Michelin Italia -. “The award is intended for fleets that share with Michelin the desire to create more sustainable mobility also in the transport of goods through optimal tire management”.

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