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YEAR: Mutationem, new trailer reveals release date

YEAR: Mutationem is in the sights and shows up again thanks to a trailer full of new information, including the release date

Developer ThinkingStars and publisher Lightning Games recently released a new trailer per year: Change che unveils the official release date. The title is an action and adventure RPG with an amazing looking pixelated graphics style that mixes 2D and 3D visual elements. In Anno we will live the story of Ann Flores, a very powerful mercenary who collaborates with her friend, her hacker Ayane at the search for his missing brother. The investigation will begin in a cyberpunk-style city run by an evil corporation ready to thwart us.

The new trailer for ANNO: Mutationem reveals the release date!

In the trailer for ANNO: Mutationem, in addition to the release date, you can see other details that give a general idea of ​​what to expect from this title. Among them, the game’s biggest attraction is its own pixelated aesthetics, very detailed and accurate in the creation of the settings. Its elegant combat system is also interesting, based on adrenaline-fueled combos and fights. In addition to the battles, we will be able to face secondary missions and converse with other characters through the use of multiple choice dialogues. The trailer finally reveals that the game will launch for PS5, PS4 and PC (Steam) on March 17.

In addition to the trailer, In a press release, Lightning Games stated that ANNO: Mutationem will have the dubbing in English, Japanese and Chinese. The publisher estimates that it will be possible to complete the game in approx twelve hours. The title turns out to have a unique style and we can’t wait to try it on release to find out more.

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