Microlino è pronta per sbarcare in Italia, ecco dove comprarla thumbnail

Microlino arrives in Italy here’s where to buy it

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Microlino is ready to shoot in Italy, here’s where to buy it. Above all Microlino is, by many, recognized as the heir of the Isetta. The design of the car is of the model made by Iso Besso. This quadricycle electric entirely built and assembled at the plant of Micro Mobility Systems. The Swiss manufacturer owned by the Ouboter family. The company is in La Loggia, about ten kilometers from the Lingotto in Turin.

Microlino, the entire production process in a single plant

From the molding to the bodywork. Every single step to accomplish Microlino is contained within the new factory. A part of the company robotized with the partner Cecomp. This takes care of the painting and final assembly (over 65% of the components are Italian). The car electric arrives exclusively on the market Italian thanks to an exclusive partnership. This is signed with the group Coolera Milanese company that already boasts the distribution of numerous brands.

Microlino 2Microlino

Marco Saltalamacchia, executive vice president & CEO of the Koelliker Group. He emphasizes: “The micromobility is a strategic area in which we strongly wanted to enter, but on condition that it was in the best possible way, alongside the most talented and also courageous company in the sector. With Microlino we have not only found the best product, iconic, stylish and recognizablebut also an ideal partner, with an important history, an awareness and a very clear objective: to focus on sustainable micro-mobility to give new life to the centers of large cities.

This ideal fits perfectly with the Koelliker group, which is increasingly establishing itself as a real hub of sustainable mobility solutions. I am proud to work alongside Micro, to combine our know-how for a shared purpose and dream: to make Microlino the ideal vehicle for urban mobility”.

Microlino 3Microlino

Microlino, the technical sheet of the electric quadricycle

The quadricycle Microlino electric measure of 2.5 meters long. Ha due places and a broad trunk and 230 liters, and represents the first model in its category to have a unibody chassis in steel and aluminum, just like a classic car, a relevant factor in terms of safety. It can be equipped with three types of Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese batteries of 6 kW, 10.5 kW and 14 kW. These respectively have a range of up to 91, 177 or 230 kilometres, while the maximum speed is 90 km/h. In the end Microlino will be available from June in the Dolce and Competizione versions, starting at approx 20.000 euro.

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