Mare Fuori Stagione 4: trama, cast, data d’uscita e molto altro

Mare Fuori Season 4: plot, cast, release date and much more

Officially renewed for a new season; here’s everything you need to know about the next release of Mare Fuori 4. Among exclusive previews, cast changes, release date and much more

After the emotional final episode aired last March 22, all the possible advances (con spoilers included) on the next season Of Sea Outside 4. Italian television series produced by RAI Fiction and Picomedia (of which we recall the first two seasons are available on Netflixwhile the third is still exclusive Rai Play), under the careful direction of Ivan Silvestrini; he was able to distinguish himself right from the start, thanks to the tough issues he tackled, combined with the powerful and profound interpretations of the young protagonists (defined by a penetrating acting versatility).

Having reached the unexpected ending, only one doubt grips the fans: what will happen in the next season of Sea Outside 4? Which faces will we see returning and who will be left behind? If you have not yet seen the third season of Mare Fuori, do not continue further. All the previews including plot, cast (including old and new faces), release date and much more will be presented below.

Sea out 4: advances on the plot and exit

After the official announcement on the processing di Sea Out 4 revealed via Instagram post by the director himself; there was no shortage of the first big previews on the possible plot of the new season. Among the unexpected twists and the many questions raised in the last few episodes; the only bulwark, shines thanks to the confirmation of the filming location, that is, the unmistakable city of Naples. This is how you start whizzing between the red military buildings of the Navy base of Molo San Vincenzo (in the fiction indicated as the headquarters of the Ipm), up to the Toledo underground station; passing through the Gianturco, then touching the archaeological site of the Piscina mirabilis of Bacoli.

With the script for the new installments being finalized and the shooting dated in the May period; the manufacturing roadmap appears to be in full swing; as well as the predictions on the possible release date of Mare Fuori 4. In fact, according to forecasts, future episodes could land on the RaiPlay platform already in the next 2024 between February and spring; to be broadcast definitively on the Rai 2 channel.

Sea out 4 the cast: who stays and who leaves | Mare Fuori Season 4: plot, cast, release date and much more

As happened in the previous season; also in Sea Out 4 the cast will undergo profound changes, with the departure of some characters and the return of old faces. In the foreground, the scene that most of all captured the attention; that is, the meeting between Carmine Di Salvo (Massimiliano Caiazzo) e rose ricci (Maria Esposito) at the Mirabilis pool, interrupted by the arrival of Don Salvatore (Raiz/Gennaro Della Volpe).After the difficult choice of Rosa (either the family or the love for Carmine); a shot comes out before the end credits, leading the spectators to ask themselves a great dilemma: will Rosa Ricci be alive or dead?

The most moved farewell comes from the exit of the former director, Paola Vinci (played by Carolina Crescentini), who moved to Ancona following the suicide of Viola (Serena DeFerrari). In this long list, they also add Filippo (Nicolas Maupas) ready to serve the last part of his detention at the Beccaria in Milan, immortalized holding hands with his girlfriend I can’t (Valentina Romani), who is also about to follow her own path. Among the other leading stars who left the scene we also remember Gemma (Serena De Codato), the girlfriend of Cardiotrap (Dominic Cuomo), Gateano o’ Pirucchio (Nicolò Galasso), killed by Mimmo (Alessandro Orrei), and Liz (Anna Ammirati).

As regards the new entry or who is left; confirmed first of all the presence of Sofia Durante (played by Lucrezia Guidone), in the role of the new director of the juvenile prison. It seems to stay even Edward Conte (Matteo Paolillo), taken up in a moment of suffering and perhaps escaped death in extremis. This is linked to the presence of Carmela (Giovanna Sannino) e Teresa (Ludovica Coscione), respectively wife and lover of Edoardo Conte. A last fundamental question grips the most attentive viewers: Cyrus Ricci is he really dead? More votes appeared in the flashbacks experienced by Rosa Ricci; Cyrus Ricci (alisa Giovanni Giorgio) could come back to great surprise. opening up great scenarios within the series, as his presence could disrupt the lives of the various characters.

Mare Fuori Season 4: plot, cast, release date and much more

Sea out 4: the fourth season won’t be the last!

Thanks to the story represented on the screen, defined as raw, direct and real Sea Out was confirmed recently for one quinta e sixth season; achieving an unexpected and unparalleled success. Again under the direction of Ivan Silvestrini; the tormented events of the young boys of the Juvenile Prison Institute will accompany the viewers and most loyal fans in the premiere for further seasons.

A compelling and intriguing story, capable of transporting to a different dimension never faced before, through a hard language, ready to regale joys and pains, successes and failures; accompanied by the desire for revenge and the fear of failure. Further details have not been disclosed at this time. To stay updated on the next news of Sea Outside 4 and upcoming releases on the world of cinema and TV series; continue to follow us on!

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