Microsoft Edge 92: released a beta for Android

The Redmond company is actively working on the proprietary Microsoft Edge browser, improving it not only on desktop but also for mobile

During this week she was released the first beta related to Microsoft Edge 92 for Android. Users were then able to test for themselves the big changes brought about by the update of the famous browser. Unfortunately, no change log has been communicated; but this is probably due to the fact that it is one trial version only intended for testing.

Microsoft did not hesitate to encourage its users to try the version and to send feedback; to help the company’s team improve the experience of each update before it is released.

Microsoft Edge 92: released a beta for Android

This testing system, based on user feedback, is great for those curious about try out the new features included in updates. At the same time, in this way, Microsoft receives bug reports and general feedback that allows him to refine the product and solve various problems related to the user experience.

In a way it can be said that the Redmond company is following the same path that Google has taken. The owner of the most used browser in the world has recently released some test build to give its users the opportunity to try new features before arriving at versions suitable for the general public and therefore more stable.

Microsoft Edge beta for mobile: the requirements

The beta version of the Microsoft Edge browser requires at least Android 5.0 for the Google operating system; so it should be able to be installed on most mobile devices out there. It should also be noted that Microsoft is working on the mobile browser also for iPhone, not just for Android devices.

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