Microsoft: here is the update KB5016138 for Windows 11

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Microsoft recently released a new Windows update, this time specifically aimed at Arm devices. The company says its purpose is to solve an AAD access problem

L’cumulative update KB5016138, Windows is available for the download are Windows 11 and versions of Windows 10 supported.

Microsoft states that this update addresses an issue previously caused, by another cumulative update, that made it impossible to use apps come Microsoft Teams, OneDrive e Outlook. However, it is important to note that only the Arm devices.

The IT giant said:

After installing the KB5014697 update on Windows Arm-based devices, you may be unable to sign in using Azure Active Directory (AAD). Applications and services that use Azure Active Directory for access may also be affected. Some scenarios that might be affected are VPN connections, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook.

Microsoft: here is the update KB5016138 for Windows 11

Also available via Windows Update

In a new announcement this week, Microsoft explains that the problem was finally solved with the release of an update out of band, which can only be downloaded on Arm devices. The update is KB5016138 and can only be installed on the affected versions of Windows.

The company states:

This issue has been fixed in the KB5016138 out-of-band security update, released June 20, 2022. This update is only available for Arm-based Windows devices. This update is not required for x86 or x64-based devices using AMD or Intel CPUs, so it is not available for those architectures. It is available through Windows Update, Windows Update for Business, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), and Microsoft Update Catalog.

Since it is distributed via Windows Updateif automatic updates are enabled on your deviceit is likely that the update is already there waiting to be installed.

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