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Microsoft is thinking about an all-in-one app to challenge Google and Apple

According to a rumor published by the website The Information, Microsoft he would be thinking of one super-app per mobile to increase his chances of competing against Google e Apple.

Microsoft’s all-in-one super app

The app is still in its early stages and the project would be directed by CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadellawho instructed the Microsoft team to integrate Bingthe company’s search engine, with other services such as Teams e Outlook.

These three are expected to serve as the basis for the all-in-one app which should allow users to search, shop, exchange messages and so much more directly from a single application.

What do Google and Apple have to do with Microsoft’s projects?

The answer to this question is simpler than expected: the creation of this all-in-one app with the consequent enhancement of Bing would lead Microsoft to be able to ccompete fully against Google’s supremacy in Apple devices.

In fact, Google is one of the default search engines on iOS and iPadOS, the result of a billionaire agreement between the two multinationals. It follows that Microsoft’s Bing is heavily disadvantaged on Apple’s mobile devices and the past attempts by the company led by Nadella to change the course of events they ended up with nothing.

In a statement reported by The Information, the company allegedly “bid periodically on Apple’s mobile search contract, but Google won every time”.

Lastly, The Information revealed that Microsoft ran a campaign back in 2012 to show how Bing was more user friendly towards people with visual impairments compared to Google. The gimmick, unfortunately, was not “enough to get Apple’s approval”.

And it is for this reason that Microsoft would be placing the hopes of being able to radically change things in the super-app. Powering Bing it would entice users not only to use it as a search engine compared to Google, but it would also create a push towards the promotion and use of the other services offered by Microsoft.

At present there is nothing official: the company did not state when it will launch this app all-in-one.

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