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Windows 11: here are the first images of the virtual machines

Finally released four images of the updated Windows 11 Enterprise virtual machines reserved for developers and beyond

It had already happened with Windows 10 and Microsoft does not deny itself: four images of virtual machines have been published again Windows 11. These virtual machines will, of course, be destined for four solutions already existing: VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V e Parallels.

Within the Windows 11 Enterprise installation package proposed by the well-known company, the Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition package is integrated with UWP, .Net Desktop and other applications as well Windows App SDK per C# already included and enabled. It becomes clear that this version is intended for a fairly expert user. Even the weight it’s quite important, approx 20 GBbecause as mentioned it is about a complete installation and working.

Windows 11 virtual machines

All the virtual machines listed above and available also integrate Windows within them Subsystem for Linux 2 with already on board Ubuntu pre-installed. The virtual machines can be downloaded by clicking here and can be used without limits until March 5, 2023.

Windows 11: here are the first images of the virtual machines

As already happened for the previous Windows 10, this time too it will be possible to convert the version Enterpirse in the full version. However, the procedure is far from trivial, in fact it will be necessary to add i token fixed for image activation with a Windows 11 Enterprise key. The reference folder to do this operation will be the following: %systemroot%\system32\spp\tokens\skus.

Microsoft claims that these presented virtual machines help developers and computer enthusiasts a make applications Windows using the latest available version, packages SDK and various examples ready to use.

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