Canon makes Valentine’s Day moments eternal

Canon rende eterni gli attimi di San Valentino thumbnail

The most romantic day of the year is coming! In view of Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated tomorrow, February 14, the experts Canon offer some suggestions for making unforgettable shots. After all, nothing, more than a photo, is able to make fleeting shots eternal.

Obviously at the base there is the tool: owning a good camera. But that’s not enough, indeed. Important variables need to be considered, such as lighting and the environment in which you are shooting.

Canon’s Valentine’s Day tips

The lighting, we said. Night portraits can be challenging, often requiring a flash to get enough light. If you have a romantic dinner planned…evaluate the ambient light around your subject which can be very atmospheric and therefore may be worth keeping in your portrait. In this case, a full-frame mirrorless camera like the model Canon EOS RP it allows an autofocus to shoot without flash even in low light conditions like a candlelit date.

For daytime shots, however, the problem could be the opposite: portraits with too high contrast. If the subject is backlit by strong sunlight, a flash can help. This is because the camera will attempt to balance flash and daylight, to achieve an even more impactful image in which both everything (the subject and the background) are optimally lit.

If you use an automatic shooting mode, you can quickly adjust the light thanks to the exposure compensationAnd. This is especially useful for capturing light skin tones, without making the subject appear excessively pale. Conversely, it can be used to make darker shades more natural. This setting is available on almost all Canon cameras.

We remind you that many Canon cameras can be controlled remotely with your smartphone via Wi-Fi, thanks to the app Canon Camera Connect. A perfect solution for making candid shots.

Which Canon camera to buy?

If you are approaching the world of photography for the first time, or perhaps you are thinking of giving a Canon camera as a gift for Valentine’s Day, here are some tips:

  • Canon EOS R10 – Truly versatile camera to take anywhere, it is the ideal travel companion. A perfect hybrid tool for creating content and for expressing your creativity. The EOS R10 can recognize people, vehicles and animals, such as cats, dogs and birds, tracking them anywhere in the frame to keep even fast-moving subjects in sharp focus. When photographing people, the Canon EOS R10 focuses on the subject’s eyes, the ‘mirror to the soul’. What’s more, the EOS R10 camera lets you capture stunning 4K video footage.
  • Canon EOS RP – Small, light and intuitive camera for maximum creativity on the go. It combines the power of full-frame mirrorless technology with the light weight and maneuverability of an EOS R-series body, to help you take your photography to a new level. Equipped with a comfortable and elegant EOS grip, the high-resolution vari-angle touch screen and OLED electronic viewfinder set new standards in handling. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow you to easily pair your smartphone or tablet for better use, such as remote control
  • Canon SELPHY Square QX10 – The photo printer to take on the go, practical and elegant that allows you to print instant photos in square format with bright and vivid colours, directly from a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi connectivity and fast USB charging. Whether it’s to share snaps with friends or create a family album, this compact printer is perfect for any ‘strike of inspiration’. The perfect gift to express the artistic soul of your him and your her.
  • Canon Zoemini S2 – The innovative 2-in-1 (camera + instant printer) ideal for the youngest. The perfect pocket-sized gift for anyone who loves to have fun printing their photographic memories at any time and situation. Designed for people who want to shoot, personalize and print on the go. Canon Zoemini S2 combines innovative in-app editing and printing with fun shooting options to deliver the best in instant cameras. Light and compact, it is available in trendy colors to match your personal outfit.