Overwatch: McCree’s new name presented

Following the accusations against Activision Blizzard and some important developers, it was decided to give a new name to McCree in Overwatch: here’s what it will be

Activision Blizzard has been facing one for a few months rather serious situation within the company: since July, in fact, the California Department of Equal Opportunities has sued the videogame company, due to episodes of sexism, abuse and harassment aimed at some / some employees. In recent weeks, this has led to numerous people willy-nilly abandoning Activision Blizzard. The allegations have so disrupted the internal environment of the company that, following the departure of Jesse MCcree, the lead level designer of Diablo 4 who gave his name to the gloomy gunslinger hero McCree in Overwatch, fans have demanded that he gave a new name to the latter.

McCree’s new name in Overwatch

And so, in mid-August Blizzard decided to remove it, dubbing it “the cowboy”. It must be said that in the lore of Overwatch this story is not too out of place, given that some details in the conversations between the characters made one think that “Jesse McCree” was not his real name. Anyway, the ex-McCree he is not the only character to have undergone a change of name following the shocking revelations, and this is also the reason why it was decided not to give more names of real people to the characters. Anyway, the new name of the “cowboy” has finally been introduced: it will be Cole Cassidy, and will reappear in the Overwatch ranks starting October 26.

In the post you can read a ‘introduction:

“Running away from one’s past meant running away from oneself, and with each passing year he only widened the divide between who he was and what he became. But there comes a time in every cowboy’s life when you have to stop and take a stand. To make this Overwatch better, to make things right, he had to be honest with his team and with himself. The cowboy he was rode into the sunset, and Cole Cassidy faced the world at dawn ”.

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