Milan Men’s Fashion Week: Philips OneBlade 360 ​​launches trends for 2023/24

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Milan Men’s Fashion Week and Philips OneBlade 360. Grooming trends for autumn-winter 2023/2024 from the catwalks

January means only one thing for fashion enthusiasts, a fashion month dedicated solely to initiatives, exclusive events and prestigious fashion shows. Milan, after Pitti Uomo held in Florence, acted as the stage for Men’s Fashion Week 2023, presenting the new autumn-winter 2023/2024 men’s fashion collections . Furthermore, dictating the new trends, not only in terms of clothing but also of beauty. If on the catwalk the models parade with short and minimal beards, in the first rows longer and more jaunty styles are shown off. Philips (click who for more info on the company) OneBlade 360 ​​is the perfect ally for taking care of your beard and exhibiting a fashion show look every day.

Philips OneBlade 360 ​​and the success at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

2023 will continue to be characterized by genderless aesthetics and a “free” style. Not only in fashion that sees the presence of long skirts, transparencies, corsets and bags as a must-have accessory for him; but also in body care. This is also confirmed by a research conducted by Philips OneBlade: 59% of respondents say they feel comfortable using gender-neutral shaving products, while 39% have no problem buying feminine products for personal use. On the catwalk, most of the models sported short, minimalist beards, no more than 3 millimeters in length, in the front row. While several notable guests sported longer, wilder stylesbut always tidy. We are talking about actors like Sam Claflin and Idris Elba, but also the influencer Mariano Di Vaio, the singers Mahmood and Guè Pequeno, and the actor and writer Paolo Stella.

Milan Men's Fashion Week: Philips OneBlade 360 ​​launches trends for 2023/24

OneBlade 360: an infinite number of styles

Short or long, what matters most is always having a well-groomed and refined beard. Considered for a long time synonymous with little care, and after two years of using masks and protective devices that kept it hidden, today, finally, the beard represents a distinctive trait for expressing one’s personality, passing from a ‘functional task’ to a means of ‘style and expression’. In fact, as the research conducted by Philips OneBlade shows, men are increasingly aware and motivated by the need to take care of themselves. For 7 out of 10 men, shaving helps them express their style. And if it is true that everyone has their own personal style, it is also true that there are beards for all tastes: among the trends that will accompany us in 2023, in fact,

  • there are the Stubble Beard or three day beard;
  • the ‘ducktail’ beardwhich consists of a medium-length, well-groomed pointed beard;
  • faded beardwhere beard and hair are joined by a vertical gradient;
  • and finally the classic beard which becomes salt and pepper for those who don’t mind showing their age.

Details of the Philips OneBlade 360

Philips OneBlade 360 ​​shaves, trims and trims beards of any length, to easily obtain a unique and inimitable style and maintain your well-groomed look every day. The innovative 360 ​​blade easily adapts to every curve of the face, neck and jaw, to get even the most difficult to reach hairs with the fewest strokes and with greater comfort. In addition, its shaving technology features an extremely fast blade movement (12,000 cuts per minute) and is therefore effective even on the longest hairs. Finally, thanks to the included 5-in-1 beard trimmer comb, it is possible to obtain precise finishes and show off an impeccable catwalk look.

Philips OneBlade 360 ​​is a hybrid product, small, handy and innovative, which manages to satisfy the different style needs, accompanying people every day in their choices of expression. Anywhere, at home or on the go, in or out of the shower, Philips OneBlade is the perfect ally to always express your personal style and today, thanks to the new and innovative 360 ​​blade, everything is even easier and more comfortable.

explains Simone MarcucciMedia, PR & Influencer Marketing Manager – Philips Personal Health Italia, Israele e Grecia.

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