L'edizione 2022 di MIMO sarà ancora più emozionale, tra Autodromo di Monza e tanta passione thumbnail

MIMO 2022, the second edition focuses on passion, Monza and the Mille Miglia

The future of the Milano Monza Motor Show begins today. We have been to the official presentation of the second edition of the Milanese motor show, MIMO 2022. In the splendid setting ofHangar Piric di Pirelli in Milan, the President of MIMO Andrea Levy and other illustrious speakers, including the landlord Marco Tronchetti Provera, CEO of Pirelli. In a presentation charged with passion, the organizing committee of MIMO presented us the projects for one exciting second edition of the Milan and Monza open air Auto Show, which will be staged next June.

The numbers of the Milano Monza Motor Show 2021: almost 60,000 scans of QR codes, and 130,000 interactions from all over the world

The first edition of MIMO, which took place between 10 and 13 June 2021, had a great success with the public despite the heavy restrictions still in effect in early summer of this year. Installation numbers were very important, with 120 cars on display on as many platforms scattered around the center of Milan. All the cars, freely visible to anyone during the Milanese event, were equipped with QR codes to be scanned to get all the details on the model. And it is precisely on this QR system that the successes of MIMO 2021 were detected. In fact, during the 3 days of the event, car QR codes were scanned 57,835 times, practically one every 4 seconds.

The most scanned car was, of course, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport with 9,714 total scans, followed by the
Bugatti Bolide with 5,281 and from Pagani Imola with 3,086. In total, however, they were well counted 134,099 contacts for news on the platform, a number that adds the scans in the presence of the QR code to that of searches on the website. Excellent numbers, especially considering that in June 2021 they were still there major limitations due to the pandemic. The real limit of MIMO 2021 was in fact theimpossibility of hosting the public at the Monza racetrack, adapting the format several times to the circumstances. There was indeed a maximum ceiling of 1,000 people inside the racetrack, minimizing the chances of having the public in the Temple of Speed. Despite this, however, the good success of the edition prompted MIMO to step on the accelerator for the new edition of MIMO 2022.

The novelties of MIMO 2022: democratic platforms, involvement of Monza and the Autodrome, Mille Miglia and many other innovations

But what will be the news of MIMO 2022? Let’s start from confirmations to the formula, which remains the same range at the debut 5 years ago with the Salone dell’Auto Parco Valentino in Turin. The Milan and Monza auto show will therefore remain Open Air, that is with the cars exhibited outdoors, in an exhibition spread throughout the cities of Milan and Monza. The are then reconfirmed footrests defined by Andrea Levy, President of MIMO, democratic, or that they allow everyone to see the car in the same way. For those who want more information, then, we find again the codes QR to scan freely. More, MIMO 2022 will remain completely free, as per tradition.

The reconfirmation of the democratic platforms is part of a project he wants making the car interesting for everyone, not just for those who are already passionate. Compared to a classic indoor show, which intercepts professionals and super-enthusiasts, iThe MIMO is also proposed for those who are not so fond of cars. “The cost for the houses is decidedly lower than the classic fairs. Placing cars in the center of Milan, in Piazza Duomo, makes them interceptable even by those who are not so interested in cars. “, he has declared Andrea Levy.

Therefore, if the cars widespread in the center of Milan remain, MIMO is also aiming for strengthening of other peculiarities of the Milanese event. First of all, in fact, it will come the area dedicated to test drives has been enhanced, which will continue to be aimed at the focus of electrified cars. From this year, however, along the lines of what is already happening in some international trade shows, there will be adedicated area within the city of Milan for the direct sale of cars. “It will be one boost to the turnover of the Italian fleet. ” Levy explains. “The Houses will be free to create special offers for MIMO: that is our goal to allow the public to see the news, to try them and then push them to buy them, renovating their family circulating fleet.

And just to help families, MIMO 2022 has been moved by one week compared to last year. “We want give our availability with the national closure of schools. In this way we will encourage young people and families to come to MIMO, perhaps taking the first vacation of the summer, allowing families to travel and move. ”

The central role of Monza: between the center, the Villa and the Autodrome it will play a very important role

Will not miss the Premium Parade, the red carpet around the Duomo, the evening opportunity to dynamically see the cars presented at MIMO 2022. But the great novelty of the 2022 edition is the Monza is back in style. Relegated, due to Covid restrictions, to the role of supporting actor, the city of Brianza will become the emotional center of MIMO 2022.

The 2022 it is in fact a fundamental year for the Temple of Speed: on 11 September 1922, in fact, the Monza racetrack was opened, founded by ACI Milano exactly 99 years ago. So next year is the centenary year for the historic racetrack, which thus no longer becomes just a place where few can let off steam, but pulsating center of MIMO activities. The racetrack will indeed be open to the public, free of charge, and there will be special events dedicated to the Milanese event. MIMO 2022 has indeed announced two novelties, two very interesting collaborations.

Indeed, on 18 June 2022, MIMO will host one of the final stages of the legendary Mille Miglia. The Freccia Rossa, in fact, will perform as a tribute to the Monza circuit the last stopwatch right inside the racetrack, thus allowing all enthusiasts to see, in the setting of the MIMO, the over 400 historic cars produced by 1955 whizzing between the Ascari, the Varianti di Lesmo and the Parabolica. In this way, with the cars on the track and the new products of the manufacturers lined up in the Formula 1 pits, there will be a real contact between classic and novelty.

But it won’t end there. In fact, always inside the racetrack there will be space for the return, Sunday 19 June, of the Cars&Coffee, the most famous Supercar and Hypercar rally in the world. The Royal Villa of Monza. But it will not be the only integration of the wonderful Villa and the city of Monza into MIMO. In fact, there will be installations, events and meeting opportunities scattered throughout the city of Monza, not only then relegated to Milan. So, MIMO 2022 wants to be the way to bring the public’s passion for engines back to life, with the possibility, the health situation permitting, perhaps creating it in some young people.

The voices of the protagonists: Levy, President of MIMO: “Work dictated by passion”. La Russa, President of ACI Milan: “It will be a success”

And I did not quote these words by chance: so indeed thereCEO of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera, opened the press conference of MIMO 2022. “Milan is not the capital of the car in Italy, but with the history of Alfa Romeo, Isotta Fraschini and Innocenti we have our contribution to the history of the automobile in Italy. We hope that this event, which we host and help and support today, will allow people to return to live their passion. ”

Andrea Levy, the President of MIMO, has instead renewed the main mission of the Milano Monza Open Air Motor Show: to bring passion back to young people and families. “Our goal is to bringing young people and families closer to the automotive sector: this is why MIMO is open to the public, free of charge, both in Milan and Monza. All my work and that of my team is driven by passion for this world, for the car. And we hope to be able to bring it back to people again, thanks to the coexistence of new technologies and emotional supercars. “

Levy was then followed by the intervention of Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala, who believes that “Milan is the right place to send the message of a new smarter mobility, more integrated, more intermodal but without losing the pleasure of driving. ” The discussion then moved from the city of Milan to that of Monza and its racetrack. Both the President of ACI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, that Giuseppe Redaelli, the President of SIAS, the company that manages the racetrack, hopes for a bright future for the Temple of Speed. “I believe this format can be presented as aexcellence at a European level“Declared Sticchi Damiani. “In this new and renewed setting, celebrating 100 years of the Monza racetrack is a ‘opportunity not to be missed, both to celebrate a unique story in the world, and to be able to revive and refurbish the legendary Brianza racetrack “

“We are delighted to be able to far to return to Monza and its central racetrack at MIMO 2022“, Redaelli continues. “Monza is focused on the future of mobility and motorsport, without ever forgetting the past. For this reason, in all the events that take place on our racetrack, there is always a historical component. The collaboration with the Mille Miglia is a fortunate coincidence: thanks to the 1-month shift of the Mille Miglia we have been able to combine MIMO and Mille Miglia in a single party. These are extremely important and significant moments to take historical cars more and more into consideration, without ever forgetting their role as a traveling museum and symbol of the culture of the last 150 years. “

We close with the declarations of Mayor of Monza, Dario Allevi, he was born in President of ACI Milan, Geronimo La Russa. The mayor of Monza said he was enthusiastic about Andrea Levy’s project, which will enhance the city of Monza. “Andrea Levy was a galvanizzatore, which led us with enthusiasm and passion into the MIMO project. Unfortunately, in 2021 our role was less than what we wanted. This year, however, it will finally be possible to see in 2022 what we had thought over 2 years ago for our city. Those of MIMO will be days in which people will be around to fill the squares of Monza as never happened in recent months. Do not…

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